Demonstration method of teaching: definition and advantages in 2023

Demonstration method of teaching: definition and advantages in 2023

Using the appropriate methods of teaching allows trainers, tutors, lecturers, and teachers to offer enjoyable and productive classroom experiences for students. The demonstration method of teaching is one of the highly recommended methods, especially where practical experience is needed.

demonstration method of teaching in a science laboratory
The demonstration method of teaching happening in a science class. Photo:, @Artem Podrez
Source: UGC

The demonstration method of teaching is based on giving a practical exhibition and explanation of something. It enhances the retention of skills and knowledge and is highly recommended at all levels of academic learning by education experts.

All about the demonstration method of teaching

The demonstration method of teaching science, physical education, nursing, and other subjects and courses has been used for centuries. Below is all you need to know about it.

What is the demonstration method of teaching?

It is a visual teaching method that helps the students to understand the content covered theoretically and practically.

Dr. Seaman A. Knapp is credited with the first use of the demonstration method. He used it as a means of influencing the adoption of new farming practices.

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The basic principle of the method is learning by seeing and doing. It can be used on individuals or groups of learners. It promotes learning by doing maxim and develops skills by limitation.

Purposes of the demonstration method of teaching

The motive for using this method of teaching are listed below.

  • To provide an effective way of learning an activity.
  • To teach students new procedures.
  • To facilitate the application of observation techniques and skills in different situations.
  • To improve students' skills and knowledge.
demonstration method of teaching between three ladies
Three women learning using laptops. Photo:, @Christina Morillo
Source: UGC

Examples of the demonstration method of teaching

In the demonstration method of teaching and learning, the educator gives a practical exhibition and explanation of something, and the learners do as shown.

The types of demonstration include simulations, classroom experiments, operational type demonstrations, and data surveys. The operational type demonstration is useful for demonstrating a working prototype or model of a product or system.

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Examples of content that can be taught using this method are listed below.

  • Flying an aircraft
  • Driving a car
  • Welding
  • Cooking
  • Interpreting blueprints
  • Building and construction
  • Dissecting an animal

What are the characteristics of the demonstration method?

The basic characteristics of the demonstration method are listed below.

  • The goals and objectives of the demonstration should be clear to the educator and learners.
  • It should be carried out in a simple and easy manner.
  • For effectiveness, full attention should be paid to all the learners present.
  • Time should be set aside for rehearsal before the actual demonstration.
  • It should be carried out with a well-planned strategy.

Steps to take when using the demonstration method of learning

Demonstrations are pretty effective if the educator prepares well for them. Below are the steps an educator should take before using this method.

  • Planning and preparation: Detailed planning is a prerequisite for a good demonstration. The educator should understand the subject matter well, gather all resources needed, and do a rehearsal before the actual session.
  • Introduction of the session: The educator should motivate learners and prepare them mentally for the demonstration.
  • Presentation of the subject: The presentation of the subject matter is crucial. The educator should teach in a manner that allows all learners to link previous and new knowledge.
  • Actual demonstration: The educator should ensure the demonstration should be neat and clean. The educator should incorporate various teaching aids.
  • Evaluation: The educator should evaluate the whole demonstration so that it can be made more effective and efficient in the future.

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demonstration method of teaching happening at home between a mother and daughter
A lady teaching a female child how to cook. Photo:, @August de Richelieu
Source: UGC

Advantages of the demonstration method

Below are the merits of using this method of teaching and learning.

  • It improves the understanding of complex skills and principles.
  • Learners can pay attention and follow along with the learning process.
  • The psychomotor objective is easily achieved through this method.
  • The skills and knowledge given become permanent because this method requires different human senses.
  • It develops interest in the learners and motivates them for their active participation in the learning process.

Disadvantages of the demonstration method

The limitations of this method of teaching and learning are listed below.

  • It is only suitable for technical and training skills subjects.
  • Learners are not allowed to ask questions or start discussions during the demonstration.
  • Institutions of learning, especially Nigerian institutions, often lack the equipment necessary for this method.
  • It requires a significant effort from the educator.

What are the most common types of the demonstration method?

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The most common types of demonstration method are simulations, data analysis, classroom experiments, and operational type demonstrations.

What is the basic principle of demonstration?

The basic principle of this method is learning by seeing and doing. Learners observe as the educator performs an activity before they can do it on their own.

Who introduced the demonstration method of teaching?

The demonstration method of teaching is first attributed to Dr. Seaman A. Knapp. He applied it when influencing people to adopt new farming practices.

The demonstration method of teaching has various pros and cons. It is an effective way of teaching and learning because it enhances knowledge and skill retention through seeing and doing. recently published the types of drama in literature. Most people think of something created for theatre, television, or radio when the word drama is mentioned.

There are multiple types of drama, each with unique elements or characteristics. All have a place in modern culture and should be appreciated.


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