Largest city in West Africa - Top 3

Largest city in West Africa - Top 3

The largest city in West Africa and largest city in Nigeria – is it the same place? Read below to find if you live in the largest and the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

Largest city in West Africa

Today, we will make a small list of cities which are considered the biggest in Nigeria, West Africa, and Africa in general in terms of population and territory. Let’s find out what is the largest city in West Africa, the largest city in Africa, the most beautiful + the largest city in Nigeria. Here they are:

Ibadan city

This city is located in the southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the administrative center of Oyo state. Ibadan is considered to be the third largest city in the country after Lagos and Kano in terms of population.

Largest city in West Africa ibadan

According to latest Nigeria population calculations held in 2015:

3rd place - Ibadan population - 3 160 200 people;

2nd place – Kano population - 3 587 000 people;

1st place (Africa’s largest city) - Lagos population - 13 122 800 people.

It is interesting to note that, before Nigeria gained its Independence, Ibadan was considered to be the largest city in Nigeria and in the whole West Africa.

The majority of the ethnic composition of the town is represented by the Yoruba tribe. The city’s urban area lies at the intersection of motor roads and railways. In addition, this city welcomes great masses of students as Ibadan is a place that has Nigeria's most prominent universities.

Largest city in West Africa ibadan

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Speaking about its territory, Ibadan city is believed to be the biggest Nigerian city (3080 km ²). In comparison, Lagos territory is nearly 1000 km ².

So, it is larger than Lagos by territory, but is not as overpopulated as Lagos.


This is the largest city (most populated) and commercial capital of Nigeria. Lagos city is located on the shores of the Benin Lagoon and Lagos Lagoon. Administratively it consists of a huge number of areas that are scattered across great distances from each other and are connected by highways. It is the largest industrial and commercial center of West Africa.

Largest city in West Africa lagos city

Before the 12th of December in 1991, Lagos was the capital of Nigeria, but it was moved to Abuja at that time.

At the same time, according to the opinions of lots of Nigerians, it is believed to be the most beautiful city in Nigeria. From this, it is clear why so many Nigerians prefer to live here.


It is the economic and political capital of the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire, the administrative center of La Région des Lagunes, and at the same time the country's largest city.

Largest city in West Africa - Abidjan

Abidjan is located on 4 peninsulas on the shores of La lagune Ébrié of the Gulf of Guinea in the southeast of Côte d'Ivoire.

Its population reaches 4 395 243 people. So, it is more populated than Ibadan but smaller than Lagos by population.

Speaking about its territory, it is up to 2119 km ². Therefore, it is larger than Lagos and smaller than Ibadan.

Let’s make a conclusion. The largest city in West Africa in terms of Population – Lagos, Territory – Ibadan.

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