Most beautiful city in Africa - Top 10

Most beautiful city in Africa - Top 10

What city can be named the most beautiful city in Africa? It's honestly one of the hardest questions to answer as every country in Africa has beautiful cities. Nevertheless, these cities are admired by tourists all over the world, but there can be only one winner in the ratings of the most beautiful city in Africa ! Let's take a look at best cities in Africa and Top 10 facts about the most beautiful city in Africa!

Most beautiful city in Africa

Top Best Cities in Africa

10. Cape Town in South Africa

10. Cape Town in South Africa

You have never seen Africa if you have not visited Cape Town. It's a vibrant and colorful city which can attract a lot of attention to itself. It's a majestic city near the Table Mountain, which is one of the most beautiful places in Africa to visit! You will be amazed by the sunset view from this mountain!

9. Kigali in Rwanda

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9. Kigali in Rwanda

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It's another majestic city which you have to visit in Africa. It's also considered to be the cleanest and safest capital on the continent! It's not a surprise as Kigali is considered to be the most viable place in Africa! One of the main reasons why this city is so amazing is its urban development. The efficiency of road constructions in the city makes it very peaceful.

8. Essaouira Morocco

8. Essaouira in Morocco

It's an ancient fortified city which was constructed in 18th century. The kilometers of amazing beaches, charming harbors and market strolls will draw your attention. This city will grant you the moments of peace and tranquility that will not leave you even if you go out from the city. It's a perfect spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

7. Luxor Egypt

7. Luxor in Egypt

This city was once the ancient Egypt's capital Thebes! That's why it keeps attracting a lot of Egyptologists to its walls. They still search for ancient wonders of the greatest city of Pharaohs.

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6. Djenne in Mali

6. Djenne in Mali

It's the oldest town in the country. The date of its creation follows back to the 800 BC. This city has the greatest mud-made buildings in Africa. The most beautiful of these buildings is the Grand Mosque. It was also named one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

5. Stone Town in Tanzania

5. Stone Town in Tanzania

It's one of the most majestic places in the world! You should try to visit this city at least once in your live! It's the city with fascinating and rich story which lasts over 200 years. The Stone Town is classified as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

4. Mozambique City

4. Mozambique City

Mozambique is a picturesque and stunning city! The architecture of the city saved some peculiarities from the 16th century when the town was created. This city is considered to be one of the best and exceptional sites in the country!

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3. Lagos Nigeria

3. Lagos in Nigeria

Lagos is the heart and economic center of Nigeria. Even if it`s not the capital of the country – it's certainly a place which you need to visit. It's also the most populous city in Africa and you should expect crowds of people here!

2. Nairobi Kenya

2. Nairobi in Kenya

Nairobi's reputation suffered a lot for the last decade, It was a center of various terrorist attacks. Nevertheless, it's still one of the best cities in Africa!

1. Abuja Nigeria

1. Abuja in Nigeria

Abuja is the center of everything in Nigeria! If you want to gaze at the most beautiful city in Africa, then you need to visit the capital of Nigeria! Let's see at the top 10 things you didn't know about the most beautiful city in Africa!

Top 10 Things you didn't know about Abuja!

Most beautiful city in Africa

1. High cost of living

If you want to live in the most beautiful city in Africa – you have to pay a lot for it! If you compare the rent prices with other cities in Nigeria – you will be amazed how it's different from living in Abuja! The high cost of living is escalated by the prices for commodities in Abuja!

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2. Young Nigerian capital

This city replaced the previous Nigerian capital only twenty-six years ago. Therefore, its still a young capital city with a lot of space for development.

3. Home to many religious groups

Abuja is a perfect example how various religious groups may live together under the roof of one city! You will see representatives of various religions here, like Muslims, Hindu, Christians, Buddhists and so on.

4. Its a headquarter for various companies

It's true that Lagos makes the most money for Nigeria, but Abuja is the city which manages this money! Therefore, if you want to earn money, then you need to go to Lagos if you want to control the money, go to Abuja. This simple logic is acquired by a lot of international companies which decided to place their headquarters in Abuja!

5. Plaza City

It's a city of hotels, parks, and gardens. One of the best options for you, if you want to visit the city, is to take a car and look through the magical places all at once!

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6. Tropical zone

The temperature in Abuja is always high! It's one of the hottest cities not only in Nigeria but in Africa! Therefore, you should be prepared for high temperatures if you have a desire to live in this city.

6. Tropical Zone

7. Well planned development

Abuja was created to be the capital of Nigeria! That's why you will not see bad planning in the city. Everything here is prepared nicely!

8. Exciting city

You will not get bored in Abuja! There are a lot of theaters, clubs, and parks you need to visit!

9. It's not the most populous city!

It means that you will have a lot of space when you decide to visit Abuja! Still, you may be careful as it's still one of the most crowded cities in Africa!

10. Good roads

One of the best things about one of the most beautiful cities in the world is a good road network. The government has invested a lot of money, so this city could be one of the most convenient in terms of roads!

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Most beautiful city in Africa

Do not miss your chance and visit one of the beautiful cities in Africa!

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