7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra - IPOB

7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra - IPOB

The indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Thursday, December 8, said it will continue in its agitation for the actualization of Biafra.

7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra - IPOB
7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra - IPOB

The group also gave reasons why it will continue the agitation of Biafra, stating that it has received various inquires from many parts of the world on the matter.

Below are the reason given by IPOB:

1. Freedom is God's given right

The group said freedom is a God given right to his people. It said the British colonial matters and soldiers abused the mind of Nigerians.

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“We are fighting for Biafra, because freedom is our God given right, and the restoration of Biafra sovereignty, which Fredrick Lugard, the British mercenary soldier abused and defiled is our utmost priority. Which our fathers fought for in 1967 and 1970 that was surrendered with the slogan of no Victor no vanquish,” IPOb said.

2. Biafra restoration is the end to destruction in the South-East region

The IPOB said the group is also fighting for Biafra restoration to end the unnecessary rampage and destruction farm-lands and crops in the region.

“We are fighting for Biafra sovereignty to stop the raping of our mothers, sisters and daughters in our homes and farms by stinking nomads who disguised as cattle breeders and herdsmen,” it said.

The group also said the actualization of Biafra will end all forms of politically motivated killings in South-East states.

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3. To end attacks on religious places

The IPOB said: “We are fighting for Biafra to end the unprovoked killings of our people in every well intentioned religious crisis and bombings in far away Denmark of which the Biafrans are the targeted people in their place of worship, because of their religion and Faith.”

4. To avoid harassment and attacks from the military

The group said once Biafran freedom is ascertained all from of harassment from the military and other security agencies will end.

7 reasons why we are fighting for Biafra - IPOB
Some Nigerian soldiers

“We are fighting for Biafra where everyone will have the right and freedom of expression and peaceful assembly without being killed by the Armed forces who cannot counter terrorism,” the group said.

5. To improve the education and judicial sector

The group said the Biafra said will improve on its education and judicial sector. IPOB said it will aim at provoking academic geniuses from the South-East.

“We are fighting for Biafra, where the education sector will be hallowed, and will be aimed at provoking the genius in our academics.

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“We are fighting for Biafra, where the constitution will be sacred, the law supreme, and the rights of every citizen and foreigner will be protected.

“And we are also fighting for Biafra, where every region, or province, or state will have total control of their people and resources," the group said.

6. To end marginalization of people from the region

The IPOB believes people from the South-East have been marginalized over a period of time.

The group said a Biafra state will ensure an end to such.

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“We are fighting for Biafra where there'll be no marginalization, or special favour of/for anyone because of their tribe, tongue, or ethnicity.

7. Freedom for generations to come

The group said they are fighting for Biafra ensure that the coming generation will encounter the darkness brought upon Nigeria by the colonial masters.

The group also said it will never give up on the fight its forefather started.

“We in IPOB and our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have sworn that we'll never give up on the course our fathers died fighting for, the course over 3.5 million people died defending,” IPOB added.

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