King Piye: The First Black Pharaoh Who Ruled Egypt From 744–714 BC

King Piye: The First Black Pharaoh Who Ruled Egypt From 744–714 BC

  • African history will never forget King Piye, the ruler of Kush who became the supreme ruler of Egypt
  • It was recorded in history that King Piye became the first-ever black Pharaoh in Egyptian history
  • King Piye during his reign was popular for his numerous conquest in neighbouring territories

The ancient African history without Egypt in the picture will be like a pizza without dough or a farmer without his tools to cultivate.

One of the earliest known histories about Egypt is its civilization and its preserved cross-cultural heritage that has gone on to stand the test of time for centuries and it is still studied as a contemporary concept in modern history.

King Piye, Egypt
King Piye was famous for his numerous conquest across neighbouring territories and he is credited for setting the foundation for a stronger Egypt. Photo: Africa Archives
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In this piece, takes a look at Egypt and one of its historical milestone stories that are still being talked about in modern civilization.

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This is the story of Egypt's first ever black Pharaoh, King Piye of Kush, also known as Piankhi who reigned supreme like other prominent kings like Alexander the Great of Greece, Emperor Menelik of Ethiopia, Phillip II of Macedonia and a host of others.

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King Piye's reign and conquests

According to Africa Archives King Piye was an ancient Kushite king and founder of the twenty-fifth Dynasty of Egypt, who conquered and ruled Egypt from 744-714 BC.

He seized control of upper Egypt within the first decade of his reign and ruled from the city of Napata, located deep in Nubia, modern-day Sudan. King Piye is historically recognized as the first black pharaoh to rule Egypt.

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King Piye was known for his various conquest which includes his victories at Herakleopolis, Hermopolis and Memphis and his historic victory in the Nile Delta where powerful monarchs like Luput II of Leontopolis, Osorkon IV of Tanis and Nilmlot of Heraleopolis all submitted to his might.

Upon his demise, King Piye was buried next to the largest Pyramid in the Royal cemetery in his Homeland of Kush which today is located in North Sudan.

King Piye is recognized as the greatest and most powerful Black Pharaoh and ruler in Nubian history as the King that emphasised the importance of Kushite Culture to Ancient Egypt’s Traditions.

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