Most expensive YuGiOh card 2019

Most expensive YuGiOh card 2019

The YuGiOh Trading Card Game (TCG) has grown strong since its inception, leading to its worldwide popularity. No one would predict that the growth of the game would be so tremendous to become one of the top-selling card games. The TV anime attracted many fans that have continued to enjoy the TCG. It remains one of the most famous TCG with numerous booster packs and decks produced each year. We are sure that the price of the most expensive YuGiOh card 2019 will impress you.

Yugioh card 2019
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More than 22 billion YuGiOh cards have been sold globally, and many people still search for the most powerful cards to buy. These cards are worth buying as long. If you are interested in the prices of YuGiOh cards, this article will enlighten you on the most expensive, powerful, and worthy card that you can collect.

The most expensive YuGiOh card 2019 in the world

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“How much are YuGiOh cards worth from 1996?” has been a common question by TCG fans worldwide. The prices of YuGiOh cards vary depending on various factors such as their age, availability, value, appearance, and quality of the print. The 1st gen cards are valuable, and sellers can ask for a higher amount of money for them than for those printed later. Older cards would generally be sold at a higher cost. Additionally, YuGiOh cards that are available in limited amounts would cost more because of the difficulty in accessing them. All in all, you need to check for cards that would mean the most to you. You do not want to empty your pocket for something that is not worth it.

What is the most expensive YuGiOh card in 2019? While we may not compare the YuGiOh card prices 1996 to those in 2019, there are particular types of cards that cost higher than others because of their value, availability, and strength. Based on this criteria, YuGiOh card sellers can ask for a specific amount of money which may vary from one year to the other. The list beloW shows realistic and up-to-date prices according to the YuGiOh card prices calculator. If you are interested in buying the most valuable or rare cards on the market, this compilation will enlighten you on the same. Kindly note that these are the prices on eBay are as per 29 July 2019.

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8. Dark-end Dragon - $999.99

The Dark-end Dragon is one of those cards with unique designs. It was originally produced during the 2009 Shonen Jump Championship to be used as prizes for the winners. With this kind of limited availability, its price can be as high as $999.99.

7. Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn - $1,105.68

If you have ever wondered if you could find super rare cards, then the Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn, is top on the list. The fact that it realizes support cards for a player makes it one of the most interesting cards for YuGiOh fanatics. It is also one of the top collectibles on the market, and you can get the ultra-rare version at $1,105.68 as the highest price on eBay.

6. Tournament Black Luster Soldier - $2,500

YuGiOh card price calculator
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The Tournament Black Luster Soldier card remains a valued collectible worldwide. Unlike other cards, this one is printed on stainless steel, making it very valuable. It was awarded to the winner of the YuGiOh championship that was held in Japan back in 1999. It is a card of its kind and qualifies as the crowning glory of your YuGiOh collections. Its price on eBay is $2,500.

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5. Shrink - $2,625.99

Shrink is one of the high rated cards because of how it was released. The first edition of this YuGiOh card was produced during the 2006 Shonen Jump Championship. The copies of these cards are precious. The highest cost of the limited edition prints on eBay is $2,625.99.

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4. Gold Sarcophagus - $5,999.95

Most expensive YuGiOh cards 2018
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There are only 25 printed copies of this YuGiOh card. With this scant availability, it is known to have been awarded to the winners of the Shonen Jump Championship and the Pharaoh Tour. This means it can only be awarded to world-class YuGiOh players. The price of Gold Sarcophagus on eBay is $5,999.95.

3. Dark Magician Girl - $9,999.95

YuGiOh card price calculator
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It is one of the ultra rare YuGiOh cards internationally. It was awarded to various winners and participants of the various tournaments that were held in 1999 in Japan. Owners of this card, especially its original Japanese promo edition, can sell it at the highest price of $9,999.95.

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2. Cyber-Stein - $10,000

YuGiOh card price calculator
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The Cyber-Stein is a powerful card that is known to steamroll your opponents as you play. This aspect has heightened the cost of this card. This also explains why it was awarded to the winners of the first Shonen Jump Championship held in 2004. The committed players and fans of YuGiOh desire to buy this card as it was the first card to be graded in history. They would not mind meeting the highest cost of this card on platforms such as eBay. The current price of this item is $10,000.

1.Blue-eyes White Dragon - $25,000

Are you wondering what the most expensive YuGiOh card 2019 would be? The Blue-eyes White Dragon is the top on our list. This card was printed in 2009 as part of the giveaways for the winners of the Shonen Jump tournaments. Some sellers give it out at second-hand value. However, the current highest cost is $25,000 with its availability being rare. It is a valuable and important card that most players would spend their money to purchase.

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Ultra rare YuGiOh cards: how to tell if a card is the first edition

Most hardcore players of the YuGiOh card game look for uncommon and original cards because they are more valuable than the ordinary ones. Owners of such cards do not worry about where to sell YuGiOh cards; they can easily get the right market. The biggest question is how to tell if a YuGiOh card is the first edition or not. If you do not want to fall for a fake card, you can examine it to ensure it is 1st edition before buying it.

The first tip to help you know the 1st gen YuGiOh cards in the market is identifying the 1st edition mark on the card. It must be indicated at the top right of the card or on the left side below the picture on the card. If the card does not have this mark, then it must be among the mass-printed copies. The other feature of the initially printed card is the gold holographic square at the bottom left of the card. Absence of the hologram indicates that it is a fake one.

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The most powerful YuGiOh card

ultra rare YuGiOh cards
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The Supreme Dragon King Zarc is an extremely powerful TCG card that every fanatic would want. The first reason why it is categorized as one of the most powerful cards in YuGiOh is because of its strength. Your opponent cannot easily destroy it. Secondly, it destroys the opponent’s card summoning another monster from the extra deck available. Thirdly, it easily stops the fusion from your opponents when it is attacked. Among the top 100 YuGiOh cards known worldwide, most players would choose this card because of its strength.

There are various YuGiOh cards on the market with differing quality and prices; it is imperative to know the exact value of each card. If you have been looking for the most expensive YuGiOh card 2019, the list above can be helpful. It entails a description of the top 10 most expensive YuGiOh cards and their costs from the least to the most costly copy you can find on the market in 2019.

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