CBN’s Emefiele, Amaechi, Others Have Shut Down Nigeria Over Political Ambition, Says Robert Opara

CBN’s Emefiele, Amaechi, Others Have Shut Down Nigeria Over Political Ambition, Says Robert Opara

  • A former gubernatorial aspirant in Imo state, Chief Robert Opara has blamed the deteriorated state of Nigeria on President Buhari's cabinet members aspiring to succeed him
  • Opara who was very critical of these cabinet members slammed them for misplacing their priorities over personal interest
  • In his criticism, he poked fingers and specifics on Central Bank governor, Godwin Emefiele and Mr. Rotimi Amaechi

Chief Robert Opara, a former Imo state governorship candidate and a presidential aspirant has stated that Nigeria has been completely shut down because some people in high places aspire to be the next Nigerian president.

Speaking exclusively to, Okpara said all managers of the Buhari economy have completely ignored the importance of their job and the responsibilities they owe to the Nigerian people simply because they eye the office of the president.

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Governor of Central Bank, Godwin Emefiele has been highly criticized by the public for wanting to delve into politics. Photo Credit: (CBN)
Source: Twitter

Opara who contested in the 2019 Imo state governorship election under the Peoples Party of Nigeria, PPN, on a joint ticket with Hamza Al Mustafa was very particular about the Central Bank governor, Godwin Emefiele and Mr. Rotimi Amaechi who just resigned as the Minister of transportation.

Opara questions CBN Governor, Emefiele

He questioned why Emefiele who holds the key to the nation’s financial vault should even contemplate running for the office of the president let alone buying his N100 million forms.

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The ace journalist also questioned Amaechi for not having enough time to address the issue of insecurity in the transport sector, but only resorted to shutting down the railway lines.

He said:

“2023 elections are here already and politicians can do anything to make sure their voices are heard. And is this also part of politics that a governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, is now playing Russian roulette with his job? And guess what, he is still on that job even after declaring for president and after buying his forms for N100 million and caught up in an indecision trap.

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"And now he’s gone back to his seat as the CBN governor. Where lies his credibility? What is left of the governor of the CBN? Does he have the moral right, the moral standing to sign off going forward as the CBN governor after all he did?”

Opara compares Emefiele’s action with the US head of treasury

Opara lamented that it’s a sacrilege for the central bank governor of any country who holds the keys to the financial vault of the nation to start running for the office of the president.

According to him:

“It’s similar to the head of treasury of the United States running for the office of the president yet remaining in charge.”

He argued that there are certain positions that can’t be political and that the job of the CBN governor was a professional job. He said he was not so surprised because nobody is actually in charge of the country.

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Opara said:

“We are running a country with nobody being in charge and how far can we go? How far can Nigeria run under this rudderless kind of system? The economy is almost comatose. If Bill Gates could throw political or diplomatic tantrums at a nation like Nigeria, what is left of the nation?

Opara recalls Bill Gates’ comment about Nigeria in 2015

The presidential aspirant recalled how Bill Gates threw tantrums at Nigeria in 2015, calling the president as clueless and presiding over a fraudulent country. He also recalled how Microsoft boss referred to the vice president as a ‘decorated fool’.

He said:

“Bill Gates threw a serious tantrum in 2015 when he insisted that the Nigerian government is fraudulent and of course, he said it point-blank that he actually invested billions, but went down the drains.
“He said clearly that the Nigerian president was clueless and handicapped. He also referred to the vice president as a decorated fool. The cabinet members, he referred to as notorious robbers. The result, he said was economic calamity and holocaust.”

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Opara asked if that is not the same things Nigerians have been seeing.

"Is that not the downwards trends we have been witnessing? Is that not the reason why the economy cannot get up all over again? This is why a central bank governor will insist that he wants to run for an election as the president of this country.
"How can that happen? Where in this world does that happen? Where in the world do professionals like people who run the INEC, our economy, and other professionals run for the office of the president even while on seats."

Robert questions Amaechi

He said shutting down the railway by Amaechi because of an attack on a Kaduna-bound train gave the minister away.

According to him, there are other solutions to the insecurity challenge in the transport sector but because the minister’s attention was divided, he opted for the option of shutting down the rail line.

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He said:

“A nation that can shut down a railway system that has gulped trillions of dollars still being owed the Chinese, because of an attack is said to be clueless. It’s obviously true that they lack solution to the nation’s problem. Many depend on train services for their livelihood. But, instead of providing reliable security, they decided to just shut it down.
“Has anybody considered what those who feed on the train services are going through right now? Has anyone considered that shutting the train down could even lead to another phase of insecurity? These people may go into crime just to survive since their means of livelihood have been shut down.
“And of course, the former minister of transportation couldn’t have done anything because he has been concentrating on having his way as the next president. Must Nigeria shut down totally for every one of us to be president? Must Nigeria shut down the banking sector and other sectors because somebody wants to be president? Is Nigeria a free-for-all? The answer is simply yes! The obvious fact remains that the governance and development structures across the country have shut down because of the political parties’ primaries that would be held across the country.

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Can’t the politicians go ahead with their primaries without necessarily interfering in the running of the system? “ He asked.

But while the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Chbuike Amaechi, has resigned his position in order to concentrate on his political ambituon of becoming the next president of Nigeria, the CBN governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele has since withdrawn his interest to run for the 2023 election.

With this development, it is believed that the CBN boss can now concentrate fully on his job and another qualified person can take over Amaechi’s position as he pursues his ambition.


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