My Prayers Can Repair All Nigerian Roads, Stop Corruption, Employ the Jobless by Aanu Adegun

My Prayers Can Repair All Nigerian Roads, Stop Corruption, Employ the Jobless by Aanu Adegun

Editor's note: In this satirical piece, Aanu Adegun writes on why Nigerians should not leave everything to prayers alone. He subtly listed things that prayers cannot change no matter the situation.

Dear Nigerians, praying is very good. Prayers can answer all things. I tell you this. Without prayers, the country is nothing. This the reason I want to urge you to continue praying for the country.

My prayers can repair all Nigerian roads, Aanu Adegun, writes
Aanu Adegun writes on why prayers alone cannot solve the country's problems. Photo: Aanu Adegun
Source: Twitter

Whatever the situation in the country, I want you to pray. Only prayers can do it. In fact, as I am typing this. I can pray and all problems in the country will disappear. Prayer is my magic wand.

My prayers can instantly solve the following problems in the country


My prayers can can solve Nigerian poverty issue. With my prayers, there won't be poverty in Nigeria again. All Nigerians will be living in affluence. They will be eating chickens as if they are drinking water.

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If I should pray, there won't be corruption in Nigeria again. My prayers alone will stop all forms of corruption.


If I pray, there won't be terrorism again in Nigeria. All Boko Haram members will repent of their wickedness.

Child mortality rate.

With my prayers, no child will die again in Nigeria.


If I should go into prayers, Devine employment will happen. All Nigerians will gain automatic employment.

Standard of education

With my prayers alone, the standard of education will dramatically improve in Nigeria.


There won't be tribalism in Nigeria again if I go into prayers

Dear Nigerians, don't work, don't protest, don't ask questions of your leaders. Just go into prayers. Prayers alone will solve all our problems.

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