Kind Man Pays off Loan of Family who Borrowed N1.9m from Bank for their Daughter's Wedding, Gifts Them N256k

Kind Man Pays off Loan of Family who Borrowed N1.9m from Bank for their Daughter's Wedding, Gifts Them N256k

  • A rich man, Yusuf Ali, has restored the dignity of a poor family who borrowed N1.9 million from a cooperative bank
  • The poor family had mortgaged their house and land for the loan which was used for their daughter's wedding and had almost lost their properties
  • The kind businessman not only repaid their loan but gave them a N256k loan for the breadwinner's cancer treatment

Save for the kind financial gesture of a businessman, a poor Indian family would have lost their house and land to the bank.

The Logical Indian reports that Amina and her husband, Syed Mohammad, had taken a loan from Keechery Service Co-Operative Bank, India for their daughter's wedding.

Joy as rich man clears loan of poor family who borrowed N1.9m from bank for their daughter's wedding
He gave them an extra N256k Photo Credit: The Logical Indian
Source: UGC

They struggled to repay the loan

Syed's family situation went from bad to worse after the loan as they struggled to repay it while trying to cater for their basic needs.

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Worse off was the fact that he was down with cancer, making his wife, Amina, the sole breadwinner of the family.

The bank was making ready to take ownership of the properties when luck smiled on the family.

A businessman turns their life around

A report by New Indian Express indicates that the couple were rescued and put back on their feet by a businessman in India named Yusuf Ali. gathered that Ali had visited Panangad village in India to meet one Rajesh and his family who rescued him after his helicopter crash-landed earlier this year.

Amina upon getting wind that the businessman was in that area stormed the place and relayed her plight to him.

Ali out of compassion then ordered his co-workers to pay off the entire loan which totalled Rs 3,81,160 (N1.9 million) and also gave them Rs 50,000 (N256k) to offset medical bills for Syed.

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Man celebrates finally offsetting school debt of N75 million

Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had celebrated finally settling his school debt of N75 million.

Sherman Merricks, sharing a photo of his family members on LinkedIn, stated that he had been struggling with a debt load of $203k (N83 million) for years.

The debts hanging around his neck frustrated him that he resolved to pay it little by little till he died - he would be paying $300 (N123k) from time to time.

Amidst his frustrations, Sherman said God spoke to him and gave directions. He said God told him to be a man of his words and pay back all the money.

"...Then, one day God spoke to my heart and said be a man of your word and pay it back ASAP! Don’t owe anyone a dime. Now, I was like this is going to take forever but I was willing to do whatever it took. We paid off a couple small things immediately to get the ball rolling so that we could get some small wins and gain confidence."


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