UK-Based Nigerian Lady Blows Hot after Oyinbo Admirer Split Their Bills during Date, Video Trends

UK-Based Nigerian Lady Blows Hot after Oyinbo Admirer Split Their Bills during Date, Video Trends

  • A Nigerian lady abroad was disappointed after her White date requested that they split bills during their outing
  • According to her, she was used to the way Nigerian men pamper women during dates by shouldering the bills
  • The young lady raged as she recounted what she did to the white man after she ended up paying her part of the bills

A Nigerian lady has caused an uproar after ranting about how her oyinbo date insisted on splitting their bills.

She shared her date experience with the white man as she compared them with their Nigerian counterparts.

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Image of people on a date for illustration purpose. Photo Credit: Jordi Salas, X/@ONsogbu
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"We that are used to the way our Nigerian boyfriends used to pamper us find it difficult to remain in a relationship in UK here. Especially with the whites," she said as she took a walk while making a video.

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She said their date was in a place where Turkish cuisines were made and that when it was time to pay for what they had, he didn't shoulder everything.

According to her, she decided to pay for what she ate but never took his calls after that.

Nigerians tackled the lady as the clip shared on X by @ONsogbu sparked a debate.

Watch the video below:

The lady's rant sparked a debate online

@viccetti said:

"You are a tiff.
"This is why most of you are entitled cos you have gone outside and seen that things are actually not done the way you ladies have normalized here."

@DebonairDoctor said:

"Many men, especially Nigerians, would prefer to pay the bills when they take women out, but this video just tells you a lot.

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"Such entitlement and shamelessness... that's why they are mostly avoided outside Nigeria.
"Gutter mentality."

@PeterzTee said:

"In Nigeria, if there are 10 girls and one guy on a table, once it’s time for bills, the waiter goes straight to the man by default. Who taught them that nonsense?!'

@official_adags said:

"How will you be broke and hungry and still have pride and feel so entitled?"

@Retirednigrian1 said:

"Y’all will appreciate Nigerian men by force,
"Una mind nor go touch ground."

Actress says she won't pay bill on date

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian actress, Queen Nwokoye, had said anyone who asked her out on a date would pay the bills.

Over the years, people on social media, especially in Nigeria, have been known to argue about who should pay when on dates.

While some people have said that the guy should pay for the date, others have said that the bill should be split equally or both parties pay for only what they ordered.

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