Thousands of People Identifying as Dogs Meet in Germany, Communicate by Barking, Howling

Thousands of People Identifying as Dogs Meet in Germany, Communicate by Barking, Howling

  • A Japanese man spent N10.7 million on a costume, transforming himself into a realistic border collie
  • After his transformation, Toco, the Human Collie, went to the park to interact with other dogs and humans who were happy to pet him
  • Toco's identity as a canine inspired other people who also share the same desire, who then organised their convention in Berlin

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Berlin - People who identify as dogs gathered in Berlin's Potsdamer Platz railroad station for a unique convention.

Thousands of people who identify as dogs assembled in Berlin for a meeting.
Thousands of people identifying as dogs met in Berlin, Germany, for a convention. They communicated by barking and howling. Photo: Jam Press, I Want To Be An Animal.
Source: UGC

Hyperrealistic dog costumes

The viral sensation of Toco the Human Collie, a man who spent N10.7 million on a hyperrealistic dog costume to live out his lifelong dream of becoming a canine, inspired the unorthodox event.

In a captivating video, the unconventional gathering attendees communicated exclusively through howls and barks, leaving onlookers both baffled and amused.

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According to the New York Post, the trans-species convention attendees received tongue-lashing by netizens.

See the video below:

“I don’t see anyone smelling the tail of others,” said a netizen.

Another added:

"But if they identify as dogs, why do they put on masks?"

A netizen hilariously suggested animal control officers should be brought to deal with the 'canines' and give them rabies shots.

Toco, the Human Collie

In July, Toco took his first walk in public after his transformation into a 'dog'.

In recent updates on his YouTube channel, aptly named 'I want to be an animal,' Toco showcased his remarkable transformation by frolicking on all fours in his backyard and displaying impressive tricks in exchange for treats.

With enthusiasm and dedication, he was taken for a walk on a leash, sniffing and interacting with other dogs at a nearby park.

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His joy and authenticity in embracing his newfound identity were evident as he rolled around on the floor, truly embracing his inner canine spirit.

Human Collie wants a woman

Weeks after taking his first public walk on all four legs, the Japanese man-dog now wants to have a woman in his life.

Toco opened up on finding love, saying a relationship with a woman who also liked to dress up in a dog costume would suit him.

"I think it would be great if something like this existed. I would like to meet them," he said.

Wise dog stays with owner in the hospital

In a related story, reported that a dog stayed with its owner, who was admitted to the hospital.

The man suddenly got sick and was taken to the hospital, but the dog refused to leave.

When he was discharged from the hospital, the man appreciated his dog for his loyalty.


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