They Are Family: Pregnant Lady Finds Out After 13 Years that She is Related to Her Boyfriend, Left in Pains

They Are Family: Pregnant Lady Finds Out After 13 Years that She is Related to Her Boyfriend, Left in Pains

  • A broken-hearted lady had no idea that she and her man were related despite them sharing the same surname
  • Twitter user @miss_wydra took to social media after finding out the news and asked for people’s advice
  • Some were thrown by the fact that she dated a man with the same name in the first place, while others claim the situation is fixable

Isn’t it a golden rule in life to never be with someone who has the same surname as you? Well, one woman ignored that fact, and now she is sitting with a baby in her stomach from a man who is actually a relative.

Love knows no bounds, that’s for sure. However, when it comes to family members, that is definitely where a line should be drawn. Shame, the good sis claims she did not know though.

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Twitter user @miss_wydra took a chance on dating a man with the same surname, and now she's in a major pickle. Image: Twitter / @miss_wydra
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Twitter user @miss_wydra took to social media in pure panic after finding out that the man is actually a relative. 13 years down the line and with a baby on the way, she got slapped with this information and does not know what to do with it.

“So me & my boyfriend share a surname. When we first met in 2009 I asked if we not related because I didn't want to date a relative, he refused being related to me in anyway.

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“13 years later with a baby on the way he tells me we are actually related.”

Social media users drop their advice in the comment section

While some were totally shocked that she even took a chance in the first place, others were pretty chilled and claimed she just needs to ask for forgiveness in a traditional ritual and all will be well. There were those too who shared similar stories.

Take a look at the tea that was spilt:

@nostalagichead said:

“I’m related to my wife, and we have 2 beautiful daughters, our parents are distant cousins and we did ask the elders before and they gave us their blessings…so ask for guidance.”

@GilbertMoela said:

“When I grew up I also did the same thing to my distant Cousin. She asked me if we are related I said no. We dated boom 7 months down she found out then said to me we are having our last motabaso then we stop everything. Now we are the best of cousins, inseparable.”

@SineNtombi_ said:

“When you meet someone with the same surname as you why is your initial instinct not assumption that you are related? Beyond assumption, why not pursue knowledge about his family and yours? I don’t know man; it just seems like you didn’t care from the onset. Sorry, all the best.”

@mbaleenhleee said:

“I don't know but am I the only one who was taught to not date anyone, who shares the same surname as you?”

@abby_twa2 said:

Married couple with kids discover they are siblings

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According to the story, their parents abandoned them when they were very small and they got scattered in different places with no one to look after them.

None of the two siblings knew they were related because they didn't grow up together as their parents left them.

Domitila traveled to the city to look for a job only to meet and fall in love with her own brother without knowing.


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