How Will You Marry? Reactions As Lady Says She Can’t Live With Man for More Than 3 Days

How Will You Marry? Reactions As Lady Says She Can’t Live With Man for More Than 3 Days

  • Social media user @Candee_leigh has definitely stirred the pot with an opinion she shared online
  • Despite the fact that her parents are happily married, they tend to spend a large amount of time in their own homes
  • Leigh's desire to follow in her parents' footsteps has caused a debate among South Africans between those who agree and those who do not

Twitter user @Candee_leigh has riled South Africans up with a controversial opinion on relationships and marriage. The civil engineer explained that her parents spend a significantly large amount of time in their own homes, as opposed to staying together constantly.

The debate between Saffas was stirred up by Leigh's desire to follow in her parents' footsteps, expressing that she can only tolerate a man for three days at a time.

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This Saffa woman says she cannot tolerate a man for more than three days and the internet is wilding. Image: @Candee_leigh
Source: Twitter

Many argued in the comment section

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South African social media users didn't hesitate to take sides as the comments section of her post was quickly flooded with people either agreeing with her or not. Debates between online users initiated with no signs of slowing down.

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Some social media users did not agree with Leigh's opinion

@Sam_Baja shared a lengthy response:

"A person is projecting her parents experiences onto her own relationship expecting to experience happiness in her own relationships without asking her parents why they chose such a life. Why choose unhealthy intimacies habits while expecting meaningful relationships?"

@djTSS_SA said:

"Mina nje it won't last even a year. I will move on if you don't like to be around me that means you don't love me."

@Jdream_sa added:

"If you can't stand your partner for more than 3 days then you shouldn't marry him... this is a weird world we live, like 2 separate houses for married intimate spouses!"

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Others wholeheartedly agree with Leigh and want to implement the same arrangement

@NoleenNoks_Mzi wrote:

"I see this working nicely. You'd be able to still keep a good social life, that time apart after misunderstandings goes a long way. It's a nice setup that needs alot, alot of trust with it."

@ZandileKhumal0 tweeted:

"This is what I pray for. I'm not getting married until I find a man who will agree that we should live in separate houses."

@Queen_Matha added:

"We have discussed this option with hubby for later on in life.There is absolutely nothing wrong with this arrangement I think it makes the hearts fonder."

I need a tall guy

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a beautiful Ghanaian lady caused a massive shake on social media after making a profound statement in a street interview with a gentleman known on different platforms by the handle @gabthesharkboy.

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In the interview, the young lady who was spotted around the Accra mall was asked what kind of man she likes, to which she replied that the only quality was for him to be tall.

With a raised eyebrow, @gabthesharkboy asked:

"Is it the height you care about? What if he is tall but does not have money? How will you handle such a situation."


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