University Gives Graduate Chinwe Splendour 48 Hours to Return Certificate over Podcast Statement

University Gives Graduate Chinwe Splendour 48 Hours to Return Certificate over Podcast Statement

  • A Nigerian lady has cried out on social media after receiving a hot text from the university she attended via email
  • This happened after she disclosed in a podcast that she passed her courses in school despite not attending classes
  • Social media users reacted massively to the video, with many blasting her for exposing herself during the podcast

A Nigerian lady's decision to grace a podcast ended in sorrow after she revealed too much information.

The graduate, Chinwe Splendour, chronicled her life in school during the podcast, including how she slept with lecturers to pass her courses.

Graduate laments over 48-hour ultimatum to return certificate
Female graduate asked to return certificate Photo credit: Ijeomadaisy/Instagram.
Source: Instagram

According to her, she was forced to start working 'in the streets' at night to support herself and pay her bills during school.

However, she couldn't attend lectures after returning from her 'hustle' at night, so she resorted to sleeping with lecturers to pass her courses.

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Chinwe disclosed during the podcast shared by @ijeomadaisy that there was a particular school year when she didn't attend lectures once but still passed all her courses.

She said:

"I finished school five years ago. When I entered, things were so hard for me and I had no other option than to enter street and during that time, I did not have time for lectures because after night work I will be tired. So I decided means to cover up my studies by sleeping with lecturers.
"There was a particular year that I did not attend lectures at all but I made all my papers. It was not easy. I had to do what I had to do to survive. I slept with so many lecturers and I came out with good grades."

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Chinwe in tears as university demands certificate

The podcast quickly went viral and reached the ears of her university management, who demanded the certificate be returned within 48 hours.

Chinwe expressed her pain over the situation and questioned why she was asked to return a certificate that she had 'earned'.

In her words:

"The university I attended sent me an email to return my certificate within 48 hours. I want to ask, is this right? That certificate, I earned it. I worked hard for it.
"If it's like that, then I know so many of my coursemates that will return their own certificate. I am really going through a lot."

Reactions as University demands return of certificate

Nigerians stormed the comments section to share their thoughts about the situation.

Teeto__olayeni said:

"When you talk too much, you say too much. Now you don go talk the one wey don land your for trouble."

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Fingerchops stated:

"You didn't hear that your university reserve the right to recall your certificate if you became a menace to the school?"

Her_royal_jenny said:

"If they are demanding for their certificate then they should be ready to refund you the school fees paid during the course of study. That’s how it works. Ceteris paribus."

The_fitness_farmer said:

"Wetin Cho Cho Cho dey cause."

Opara_mbaise added:

"You worked hard doing what? This is a problem of accountability. You went on a podcast to say all you said, which is your right to do, and you thought there will be no consequences? It is important you also say the name of the lecturers who slept with you so they can also be held accountable. You shouldn’t have to go down alone. And by the way, you don’t need the degree. You said you are a certified ashawo. What’s the use of a degree that you have never used. You also said school is scam in your interview. What are you crying for?"

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Queenbee_shellz said:

"Cho Cho Cho, there are somethings I will never say in public even with a gun pointed at me. Return the certificate, you can’t use your body to get certificate and let her mention the lecturers she slept with too, so their can also be punished."

Watch the video below:

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