"I'm Breaking a Generational Curse": Intentional Mum Builds Friendship with Her Kids, Plays in Video

"I'm Breaking a Generational Curse": Intentional Mum Builds Friendship with Her Kids, Plays in Video

  • A Nigerian mother has proudly showcased the tight and beautiful relationship she has with her grown children
  • While sharing the video, the woman reiterated her vow to break the generational curse of parents not being friends with their children
  • Social media users reacted massively to the TikTok video with many praising her unique style of motherhood

An abroad-based Nigerian woman has left netizens in awe after flaunting the close bond she shares with her children.

While posting an adorable video with her kids, the woman announced her vow to break the generational curse of parents not being so friendly with their children.

Mum melts hearts with adorable bond with her children
Mum showcases bond with grown kids Photo credit: @hrhabimbola/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Mum plays sweetly with grown children

The woman identified on TikTok as @hrhabimbola showcased the heartwarming relationship she has with her children.

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Her children evidently saw her as their best friend and they played together in a video like tight siblings.

At one point in the video, she backed her 22-year-old daughter who reiterated how much she missed her mother after some time apart.

Her son who was already taller than her, held her by the shoulder and touched her head sweetly without fear.

The mother also added a clip of herself and her adorable four children singing loudly in her car while on a trip.

She captioned the video:

“You are breaking the generational curse of not having a friendship/relationship with your kids. My kids in whom I am very pleased with.”

Reactions as mum bonds with kids

Her beautiful relationship with her children left netizens in the comments section in awe.

Quadri said:

“Not a generational curse cus my parents already act like this with us but imma make it a generational tradition.”

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Sandra said:

“I'm crying coz im 21 but my mom acts like she hates me sometimes and i dont feel close to her.”

@comfort okpeta reacted:

“My mom will literally kill me if I touch her head she had killed me once sha wen I tried it.”

@beckyebony said:

“How do you manage such cool relationship with them asking for me for my unborn kids.”

Cookie said:

“I swear on your mother and she's literally the mother.”

TimothyChrist reacted:

“It's the British accent and the Yoruba accent coming out at the same time.”

P Z said:

“I want my kids to disturb me how i disturb my mom.”

Dee said:

“Should I quickly born 2 now that I'm still young so l can have this.”

Watch the video below:

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