"I Will Show This Video to Mum": Dad Begs as His Smart Little Daughter Records His Messy Office

"I Will Show This Video to Mum": Dad Begs as His Smart Little Daughter Records His Messy Office

  • A video of a four-year-old girl recording how her father messed up his home office has gone viral on social media
  • In the video, the girl said she was providing an evidence for her mother to see how 'messy' her husband was
  • Immediately her father realised that she was recording, he ran into his office to arrange it and avoid the wrath of his wife

A four-year-old girl recently captured a video of the mess her father made in his office to show her mother.

In the video shared on TikTok by @badgmiji, the little girl captured how disorganised her father’s home office was and how he scattered his things all around.

Little girl threatens to report messy father to her mother
Little girl tackles dad for being messy Photo credit: @badgmiji/TikTok, YASUYOSHI CHIBA/ Getty Images. Depicted little girl has no relationship with story. Photo for illustration only.
Source: TikTok

Little girl tackles dad for being messy

She expressed her dissatisfaction at how her father dropped his clothes in front of his office, left his drawer open, dropped a pen on the floor, and left his coat on the chair.

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She helped to pick up the pen and close the drawers but threatened her father that she would go ahead to show the recording to her mother if he didn't arrange his office.

Her father immediately ran into his office to arrange it upon hearing the threat.

She said in the video shared by @badgmiji:

“Mummy this is why I made a video to show you your husband is messy. Mummy needs to know you've been messy dad or go tidy up your room quickly.”

Reactions as little girl tackles messy dad

The comments section on TikTok was flooded with lovely comments from netizens.

Jennifer Delgado reacted:

“She is fed up with her sweetheart making a mess. She decided to tell upper management.”

Nana reacted:

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“Go tidy up quickly, last chance.”

Nkata Mu-somalia reacted:

“Did she say "This guy”.”

Ankukoirala & N said:

“Amayah's humor is bright as a sunny day, lighting up everyone's mood.”

Peter Murphy said:

“I absolutely love the words "sweetheart" and "darling" casually sprinkled through her narration.”

NA-GO-YA Store said:

“I love the accent of the little snitch.”

La Nuestra Creations said:

"Ugh this guy."

Sweetthing said:


Aureliagwen reacted:

“This suppose be my daughter oh my gosh I hate it when house is messy and I want everything to be kept in their place don't get in with outdoor shoes.”

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