“Close to the Final Stage”: Young Lady Dances with Her Boyfriend's Mother, Makes Moves

“Close to the Final Stage”: Young Lady Dances with Her Boyfriend's Mother, Makes Moves

  • A young Nigerian lady shared a moment where she danced alongside her partner’s mother
  • Their seamless and synchronised execution of the latest dance trends quickly became an online sensation
  • The woman revealed that it took only one lesson for the mother to master the dance moves with remarkable ease

In a heartwarming display of familial bonds, a young Nigerian lady recently took to the internet to share a touching moment from her life.

She recounted an occasion steeped in joy and rhythm, where she found herself dancing with her boyfriend’s mother—a scene that swiftly captured the hearts of online viewers.

The lady showed she had a good relationship with her
They both danced simulteneously. Photo credit: @munadiza
Source: TikTok

The video showcased the pair moving in perfect harmony, their bodies swaying and stepping to the beat of the music.

They executed the latest dance moves with such synchronicity that it seemed as though they had been practising for weeks as shown by @munadiza.

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Yet, the young woman disclosed a surprising detail: She had only demonstrated the dance routine to the mother once before the recording.

Despite this, the mother absorbed the steps with astonishing proficiency, moving with a grace and fluidity that belied the brevity of her instruction.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Mei said:

“Na close to final stage u dey so.”

Machala8555 wrote:

“Omo na final stage you dey souna lucky oo & my own bf mama nor wan use eve see me.”

Big shine commented:

“Noting like when your bf mom love youl swear.”

Maureenemmanuel also commented:

“I never do matching outfit una don enter another stage.”


“Na Semi Final stage be this o.”

Miracle johnson:

“Na the last stage be this.”

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“If then come serve you breakfast nko how e go be?”


“History let it known that she has taught 200 mothers.”


“Itohan, try make Daniel mama like you.”


“Na second to the last stage you dey so.”

Lady dances in her house with kids

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a Nigerian mum decided to make some dance moves in her living room and film herself in the process but she was not alone for long.

Her adorable children soon joined her on the dance floor, using the lift in their stunning house to make a grand entrance.

The video has left people speechless with the beauty and spaciousness of the family’s living room.

There is also a story of a Nigerian lady shared a video of her mother having a good time with her grandmother.

Source: Legit.ng

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