Lady in UK Blasts Interviewer for Laughing With Her During Interview And Still Rejecting Application

Lady in UK Blasts Interviewer for Laughing With Her During Interview And Still Rejecting Application

  • A UK-based Nigeria lady has lamented bitterly over her inability to secure a job since she moved into the country
  • After going through the first, second, and third stages of a job process, she ends up getting a rejection mail
  • Kazeem Julius, a resident of UK told that becoming successful abroad is not always as easy as people make it seem

A Nigerian lady based in the United kingdom has revealed how hard it has been for her to get a job abroad.

The lady identified as @toyo.elejo on TikTok lamented that being unemployed for so long has become frustrating and tiring.

Nigerian lady in UK cries out after her job application was declined
Lady in UK laments over unemployment Photo credit: @toyoelejo/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Lady shares painful aspects of job hunting

Toyo narrated that whenever she goes for an interview, the staff of the company usually attend to her with smiles on their faces but once she gets home, she would surprisingly receive a mail informing her that she didn't get the job.

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Sharing her story, she wondered why the interviewers usually smile with her while planning to reject her afterwards.

Toyo Elejo said:

“l’m super frustrated, how will you go through the first, second and third stage of employment and they will come and tell you that regret to inform you that you didn't get the job.
"They will now say that my application was tight, if my application was tight then why didn't I get the job. I'm going to focus on another phase of my life which is looking for a boyfriend.”

Kazeem Julius, a resident of UK told that abroad is not always as easy as people make it seem.

"Yes. It's very possible not to get a job over there. Sometimes it takes a long time. Abroad is not always as easy as people make it seem. If you are not determined and hardworking you may not even make anything meaningful," he said.

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Reactions as unemployed lady laments

The TikTok video ignited lots of reactions from netizens who have faced similar situations.

Mike Eze said:

“This brought back memories, yes first second third stage. Like what Salary am I even going to receive and then Unfortunately we cannot progress with your application at this point.”


“Calm down.”

@kollyij70 said:

“It's funny how they will make you feel like you're getting the job during the interview but the reverse will be the case.”

Chimbuchi said:

“Hii. I can understand this but keep trying. You just need one yes.”

Cynthiee reacted:

“Girlili, I can totally understand. Just keep applying no matter what.”

Maajenn Ndukwe said:

“Story of my life!! They even asked me my preferred shift! Told me when I'd start shadowing and training! My dear shey you're in London, let's create street content jharee.”

Sensie reacted:

“This happened to me at one interview. Fam we were literally having a laugh and all cracked up but guess what. We regret to inform you.”

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Watch the video below:

Unemployed lady in Canada laments

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian lady shared her sad ordeal since she relocated to Canada, making her question her choices.

This sad ordeal left her questioning if she was a resident of Canada like everyone else who had secured jobs.


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