After 5 Years of Living in UK, Man Gathers his Savings, Builds House Back Home, Shows Building Plan

After 5 Years of Living in UK, Man Gathers his Savings, Builds House Back Home, Shows Building Plan

  • A young man who has lived and hustled in the UK for five years was able to build a house for himself
  • Showing off the bungalow he was building, many people thronged his comment section with mixed reactions
  • A building expert, Gbenga Muritala, spoke about pillars in buildings as could be found on the UK-based man's house

A young man living in the UK has made a video of one of his achievements from living abroad for five years - a house.

The man ( sent money home and built a beautiful bungalow. His video captured the building process.

Building after living in UK/Roofed Bugalow.
The man showed the moment the house was roofed. Photo source:
Source: TikTok

Bungalow house with aluminum roof

He even showed the building plan that he used in the video posted on TikTok. Every angle of the house had pillars to withstand the weight of the building's parapet.

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The man's house employed the trending tall roof, which many believe lasts longer because of its slope.

Speaking to a construction expert, Gbenga Muritala, about the building, he said using pillars at the edge of every house could either speak about what the client wants or structure of the house. He said:

"When you know you will be using parapets for your roofing, having pillars at every angle is a must. Sometimes, clients trust so much in it for added strength to the building even when they are not always needed. The hight of a house foundation could also determine if a house will have pillars."

Watch his video below:

Congratulatory messages pour in compiled some of the reactions below:

kxngfamo said:

"Congratulations!! No mind them haters in the comments. Small small till you finish up! Run your race at your own pace!"

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Ayo Robbin said:

"Congratulations. but is the house for your family? because why build a house you probably going to stay at ones a year? while others enjoy it."

lil_slae_01 said:

"Na food me dhy use my money eat."

skipper said:

"Congratulations but you at least finish the house before posting it."

Nono Blackbunny said:

"Well done it’s not easy."


"Not bad but 5 yrs is worth more than a bungalow."

uza asked:

"A whole 5 years in UK and this is what u came up with?"

He replied:

"Yh what I can pls."

Official_owie said:

"In my opinion I don’t think this post is necessary."

Man's brother builds house for him

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man living abroad with his family trusted his brother, Ridwan, and sent money home to have a house built for them.

The man's wife, Brunell Donald Kyei, was surprised when she saw the house Ridwan had built for them in their absence.


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