"My Car Has Bed": Courageous Lady Driving From London to Lagos Shows Interior of Customised Vehicle

"My Car Has Bed": Courageous Lady Driving From London to Lagos Shows Interior of Customised Vehicle

  • Pelumi Nubi, the courageous Nigerian lady who is set to drive from London to Lagos, has shown off her car
  • The car is specially customised for the tedious road trip, and it has some things that guarantee Pelumi's comfort
  • In a video she shared, Pelumi said her car has a bed space and a mattress she bought on Amazon, and she will also be travelling with a gas cooker

Pelumi Nubi, a Nigerian lady driving from London, UK, to Lagos, shared a video showing the interior of her car.

The car has been specially prepared for the tedious ride as it has a few things that will give the lady comfort.

Lady set to drive from London to Lagos.
Pelumi Nubi showed the interiors of the car meant for the adventurous journey. Photo credit: TikTok/Pelumi Nubi.
Source: TikTok

In a TikTok video, Pelumi Nubi noted that the car had a bed space that would enable her to catch some sleep on her way.

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Pelumi showed a small student's mattress, which she said she bought on Amazon for the purpose of the adventurous journey.

She also got a small portable tent, which she would use for privacy when taking her bath anywhere along the journey.

Also, there was a gas cooker in the car, but she said she would have to bring it out each time she wanted to make a meal.

Her words:

"I decided to show you all some of the cool features that my car has to make life easier for me on this journey. With these, I won’t have any other choice than to feel at home."

Kunle Adeyanju wishes Pelumi well

Speaking to Legit.ng on the adventure, a Nigerian biker who rode from London to Lagos in 2022, Kunle Adeyanju, said he is aware of the planned journey by Pelumi and said they have been in communication.

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His words:

"I have been talking to Pelumi long before now when she just thinking about the idea, and even before she started. My advice is: On the adventure, there will be days when Murphy’s Law will set in, that is when every that can go wrong will go wrong, and all you will think about is quitting… the simple response is DO NOT. That is just nature testing your will. If you persevere you will prevail. Godspeed, Pelumi, I am rooting for you."

Watch the video below:

Reactions as Pelumi Nubi shows her car

@kyngquadri said:

"You should have things like pepper spray and other little stuff just for safety."

@RRY commented:

"What inspired this? I'm just curious."

@Crystabel asked:

"How do you plan to ensure your safety?"

@Omekaozuora I said:

"The journey isn't worth it o. However, be safe."

@Abisola Tirenikeji said:

"Ensure you are on live all through. Let's monitor till the end."

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Ghanaians journey to London by car

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The Ghanaians set out on the journey with strong passion, and their story quickly went viral on the internet.

On Sunday, August 6, the 13-member team, which included 12 men and one woman, arrived in London.

Source: Legit.ng

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