List of all Lucky Dube songs so far

List of all Lucky Dube songs so far

You will hardly find a person who does not enjoy reggae music. It is a particular rhythmic and at the same time calm style that cannot leave any person indifferent. African reggae style is associated first of all with the name of Lucky Dube. Have you heard all of his unique compositions? If not, listen to the Lucky Dube songs below to be sure to download all the best of them!

All Lucky Dube songs
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A son of a woman who thought that she was infertile; a musician who did not have musical education but managed to become South Africa's most prominent selling reggae artist – it is all about Lucky Dube. His music is distinctive and will never become old. If you are looking for the way to listen and download Lucky Dube songs, go on reading!

Lucky Dube best songs

Do you want to have Lucky Dube songs downloaded? If yes, the following list with ten of the most popular reggae performer's musical compositions is made for you!

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1. Different Colors — One People

Different Colors — One People is about peace. All people are different, but there is one common thing: we all crave peace. At the same time, we build walls and create borders. In this beautiful composition, the author tries to ruin them and unite the world with the power of music. He pronounces:

“Hey you government

Never try to separate the people

Hey you politician

Never try to separate the people

They were created in the image of God

And who are you to separate them

Bible says, he made man in his image

But it didn't say black or white

Look at me you see BLACK

I look at you I see WHITE

Now is the time to kick that away

And join me in my song.”

2. The Way It Is

The Way It Is is a wonderful musical composition. A singer sang for people and against those who make them suffer – against politicians. In some sense, this musical composition may sound rebellious. However, very clever words are inserted in it. Addressing to the government, Lucky Dube says:

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Be good to the people on your way

Up the ladder 'cause you'll need

Them on your way down.”

3. Together As One

Apparently, Lucky Dube was a pacifist. It is so beautiful when a great desire of world unity is reflected in the art. Listen to Together As One song and sing together with the author of wonderful and peaceful words:

“Too many people

Hate apartheid

Why do you like it?”

4. It Is Not Easy

Sometimes it is not easy to explain to our parents our love choice. Maybe, parents have a particular power to feel the need of their child. Especially sensible is the connection between a mother and a son. Lucky Dube, in this song, was not able to read signs of worries in his mother’s voice at once because he was busy with the happiness of getting married. But you should definitely listen to this song to know a touching story of parental care and love. Download and sing together with the performer:

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“She said, "Son did you take time to know her?"

I said mama she's the best, but today it hurts me so

To go back to mama and say mama I'm getting divorced

Oh, I'm getting divorced.”

5. Slave

The influence of alcohol on people is very damaging. This is what the singer wants to say to his listeners in the Slave song. He compares an addicted person to a slave who cannot struggle against a powerful master. Drinking, think about the way you behave being intoxicated and if you become a slave.

“I'm a slave

Just a liquor slave

I have lost my dignity

I had before trying

To please everybody.”

6. Born to Suffer

In the 1990s, South Africa experienced difficult times. The song Born to Suffer tells a story about children with no parents, but looking from a more in-depth perspective, one may understand that children are African people, and parents are their Motherland. Enjoy this touching, but at the same time great musical composition and sing too.

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“We gonna have nothing in the world

If they grow up without their parent

Whose gonna tell them this is right

If they grow up without their parent

Whose gonna tell this is wrong.”

7. Remember Me

In Lucky Dube's arsenal of songs, there must necessarily be a song about love. Remember Me is a song of this type. Do not hesitate to listen to the tender musical composition from the album “The Prisoner” and plunge into the love story of a gangster and his lovely girl.

“Remember me

Though I have to say goodbye

Remember me

Don't let it make you cry

Forever if I'm far away

I hold you in my heart

I sing a secret song to you

Each night we are apart.”

8. Back to My Roots

Back to My Roots is a very patriotic song. All people are forever attached to their motherland with invisible roots. That is what Lucky Dube sings in his following composition:

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“All we could hear there was their crackadoo

All we could hear there was their shoobee doobee, yeah

And the music they played there

Was not good for a rasta man yeah

It was not good for a Jah man.”

9. Is This Freedom

Listen attentively to the lyrics of Is This Freedom and plunge into its deep sense. Notice what an interesting device the author uses! From the first sign, a son talks to a mother about the desired independence of their country, but if you make a deeper insight, you will notice that a mother reflects the country itself! South Africa gained its independence only in 1994 after the first municipal elections. However, citizens had been dreaming of it since the beginning of the 19th century. So “old and grey” mother-South Africa tasted freedom at last. That is what Dube sings about his country:

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“She has never tasted freedom

And all the things

We take for granted

Then she looked at me and said

Son, Is this the end of our suffering?”

10. Reggae Strong

The last song called Reggae Strong is a good ending of the top. Why? Because the author sings about how powerful reggae style is, and how meaningful musical art is! The matter is that the song was released in 1991. It is the year when South Africa was oppressed by political violence. So many people together with Lucke Dube sang:

“You can change the style of playing reggae

You can change the rhythm of playing reggae

But never ever change the message every time I play it.”

What are all Lucky Dube songs so far?

Lucky Dube recorded his first single in 1979 with the Love Brothers. Since those times, and till 2007, he managed to record more than 150 songs. Below you may find the full list of Lucky Dube musical compositions:

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  • Abathakathi
  • Abondaba
  • Affirmative Action
  • Amabhubesi
  • Asibavumele
  • Back To My Roots
  • Baxolelenei
  • Bengikuthanda
  • Benginethemba
  • Big Boys Don't Cry
  • Bless the Woman (Live)
  • Born To Suffer
  • Can't Blame You
  • Celebrate Life
  • Changing World
  • Children In The Street
  • Choose Your Friend
  • Contract
  • Cool Down
  • Crazy World
  • Crime And Corruption
  • Crying Games
  • Different Colours, One People

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  • Ding Ding Licky Licky Licky Bong
  • Divorce Party
  • Don't Cry
  • Don't Say No
  • Dracula
  • Eyes Of The Beholder
  • False Prophets
  • Family Ties
  • Feel Irie
  • Feel It
  • Feelin' Frie
  • Fresh Air
  • Fugitive
  • God Bless The Women
  • Going Back To My Roots
  • Good Girl
  • Good Things
  • Group Areas Act
  • Guns & Roses
  • Hamba Ngane Yame
  • Hero
  • Hold On
  • House Of Exile
  • How Will I Know
  • Hungry Free Man
  • I Love You
  • I'm Missing You Like Crazy
  • I've Got Jah
  • I've Got You Babe
  • I Wanna Take You To Jamaica
  • I Want To Know What Love Is
  • I Will Never Fall In Love
  • Iphulimende
  • Is This Freedom
  • Is This The Way
  • It's Not Easy
  • Jah Live
  • Jah Save Us
  • Johnny
  • Julie! Julie!
  • Kanti Nguwe
  • Keep On Knocking
  • Khululeka
  • Kiss No Frog
  • Kudal' Udlala Ngami
  • Kudala Ngikuncenda
  • Lengane Ngeyethu
  • Let Jah Be Praised (Igzebier)
  • Let The Band Play On
  • Life In The Movies
  • Little Heroes
  • Lomuzi
  • Love Me
  • Lovers In A Dangerous Time
  • Makhelwane
  • Malume
  • Man In The City
  • Man In The Mirror
  • Mask
  • Mickey Mouse Freedom
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Money Money Money
  • Monster
  • Mr. DJ
  • My Brother, My Enemy
  • My Game
  • My World
  • Natural Woman
  • Never Leave You
  • Ngikhala Ngawe Ndoda
  • Ngyiakuthanda
  • Nokuthula
  • Nomvula
  • Number In The Book
  • Oh My Son
  • On My Own
  • One Love
  • Peace, Perfect Peace
  • Peanut Butter
  • Political Games
  • Prisoner
  • Puppet Master
  • Put A Little Love
  • Rasta Man
  • Rasta Man's Prayer
  • Rastas Never Die

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  • Reap What You Sow
  • Reggae Man
  • Reggae Strong
  • Release Me
  • Remember Me
  • Respect
  • Rolling Stone
  • Romeo
  • Running, Falling
  • Serious Reggae Business
  • Shembe Is The Way
  • Shut Up
  • Sins Of The Flesh
  • Slave
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Soldier
  • Soldiers For Righteousness
  • Soul Taker
  • Steel Bars
  • Take It To Jah
  • Taxman
  • Teach The World
  • The Bully
  • The Hand That Giveth
  • The Master
  • The One
  • The Other Side
  • The Show Goes On
  • The Way It Is
  • Think About the Children
  • Till You Lose It All
  • Together As One

  • Touch Your Dream
  • Trinity
  • Truth In The World
  • Umama Wethu
  • Umandakeny
  • Umgabomshay
  • Up With Hope (Down With Dope)
  • Usukhohliwe Yinina
  • Uthi Ngyiakuhlupha
  • Utshel Umkami
  • Uze Ungikhumbule
  • Victims
  • Wagugel Ekhaya Deliwe
  • War And Crime
  • We Love It
  • Welcome Baba
  • Well Fed Slave Free Man
  • What U Gone Do
  • Woman
  • Yini Lent Oyifuna Kimi
  • You Got No Right
  • You Know (Where To Find Me)
  • You Stand Alone
  • You've Got A Friend
  • Zibuzwa Kwye

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The singer has an impressive heritage to enjoy, and you can have Lucky Dube songs download or listened to freely on the internet.

The most important thing about Lucky Dube songs is their power. The performer believes in the strength of art and the importance of unity of the whole world against all evil. Moreover, he successfully combines art and peace, showing that these two notions are inseparable. Download his musical masterpieces, share them with your friends, family, and listen to them all together and unite!

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