"You Can Now Work With Visitor Visa": UK Government Makes New Policy for Nigerians Just Visiting

"You Can Now Work With Visitor Visa": UK Government Makes New Policy for Nigerians Just Visiting

  • The United Kingdom Home Office has published new immigration rules for the benefit of foreign nationals with visitor visas
  • Nigerians with visitor visas would now be allowed to do five kinds of jobs starting from January 2024
  • According to an explanatory memorandum from the government, the change to the visitor visa was to remove the prohibition on working directly with clients

Starting from January 31, 2024, Nigerians and other foreign nationals with visitor visas would be allowed to do remote work in the United Kingdom, Legit.ng confirmed.

This was confirmed in a recent publication by the UK Home Office concerning new immigration rules expanding the activities allowed for visitors.

UK Home Office makes big change, to allow NIgerians with visitor visas to work from 2024
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Under the UK's Youth Mobility Scheme, people from Uruguay would now benefit from this new development.

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Change to the UK visitor rules

An explanatory memorandum on the statement of changes in immigration rules HC 246 for visitor visas read thus:

"We are amending the permitted intra-corporate activities to remove the prohibition on working directly with clients and are introducing a requirement that client-facing activity is incidental to the visitor’s employment abroad and does not amount to the offshoring of a project or service to their overseas employer.
"We are making clear that visitors are permitted to work remotely whilst they are in the UK but that remote working must not be the primary purpose of their visit."

Jobs Nigerians with visitor visas can do in the UK

With effect from January 31, 2024, Nigerians with visitor visas can do the following jobs in the UK:

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1. Remote jobs.

2. Research work.

3. Provision of legal services.

4. Paid engagements.

5. Online surveys.

Watch the video below:

Internet users divided about the development

Dean Knott said:

"If you are visiting no need to work again another sign this government have lost it for profit to them only."

cristian fratila631 said:

"When you pay 1500£ to live in a room and bathroom, no chance just wasting my short life. happy that I left from UK in 2019..."

vickylove4287 said:

"After working can you change it to working visa."

Wayne91g said:

"Think this will be when you need to visit your company in UK for short stay visit / work and then head back to your country."

KWAM£ OWU$U said:

"Let the people breathe."

Awadh Said479 said:

"I work before in u.k.15year ..interesting..."

@Papa jay said:

"Now UK is very hard many people are stranded in UK."

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Rodica Grigor said:

"Not full time and certainly not with UK companies."

UK moves to ban some Nigerians from bringing family over

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that the UK had updated its policy to stop Nigerians not earning enough to bring in their family members.

Following a policy change by the UK Home Office, Nigerian residents who earn less than £29,000 will no longer be permitted to bring their relatives into the country.

According to the announcement made by the UK Home Office, the new salary threshold for family visas will rise to £29,000 in 2024, before then rising in incremental stages.

According to The Nation, raising the salary criteria will guarantee that individuals only bring dependents to the UK whom they can financially support.

Source: Legit.ng

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