"That's Not Your Daddy": Mum Sees Son Doting Over Stranger and Calling Him Dad, Her Reaction Trends

"That's Not Your Daddy": Mum Sees Son Doting Over Stranger and Calling Him Dad, Her Reaction Trends

  • A mother has shared a hilarious video showing the moment her little son called a random man on the road "daddy"
  • Despite spending months with his father since birth, the baby still struggles to identify his real dad
  • Netizens in the comments section have related to the video, sharing their experiences with babies

In a funny video shared on TikTok, a mother captured the moment her baby called a random man on the road "daddy."

According to the mother identified as @xahierjay, the baby had spent months with his father since birth but was still unable to differentiate between him and strangers.

Little boy calls stranger daddy in video
Little boy calls stranger daddy in video Photo credit: @xahierjay/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

In the video, the Oyinbo man walled by with a fast pace as the little boy stared at him and called him daddy.

Baby mistakes random man for dad, captivates TikTok users

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The video quickly gained traction and captivated TikTok users worldwide.

The mother, who shared the video via her account, expressed her amusement and surprise at her baby's mistake.

She wrote,

"All these months and my baby doesn't know his daddy."

The video showcased the baby's innocent confusion, bringing a smile to the faces of viewers.

Netizens relate as baby confuses random stranger for biological dad

Many parents could relate to the challenges of teaching their little ones to recognise family members.

@Heather DJ reacted:

“My son called Everyman Daddy. A man at the playground a man was like," What's going on at your house?!" And he def knows his dad. So embarrassing.”

@mzomeraidah reacted:

“I was the same untill around 6. I could call every man dada.”

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@Allyson said:

"The way he just walked pass tho. Say hi to the kid."

@deadboy|vr commented:

“My brother do the same thing calling every man dad.”

@Jackee said:

“@Diamond omg Dri Dri did this to one of the men that delivered my washer and dryer.”

@Imani commented:

“LMAOAOAO mines know his and does the same.”

@chrissy_millions said:

“The moment them start say daddy they call everybody daddy.”

@Prettyy Kimmii said:

“My daughter did this very embarrassing.”

See the post below:

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