Boy Who Has Been Hawking For Many Years Exposes His Head, Shows People Lines in Viral Video

Boy Who Has Been Hawking For Many Years Exposes His Head, Shows People Lines in Viral Video

  • A Nigerian boy who is a hawker went viral because of the way the skin on his head looked
  • A video which went viral on social media showed the boy touching his head, which had lines and folds
  • Many social media users are reacting to the video, with some saying the boy is a real hustler, as evidenced by his head

A Nigerian boy who has cutis verticis gyrata, commonly called scalp wrinkles, has gone viral on social media.

A video of the young boy shows that the skin on the man's head is flabby and very soft, creating many wrinkles, especially when it is touched.

Hawker shows wrinkles on his head.
The hawker's head has many wrinkles. Photo credit: Twitter/@damiadenuga.
Source: Twitter

Young hawker shows his head with cutis verticis gyrata

In a video which has gone viral, the young boy was seen showing the skin of his head to some people in public.

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He touched the skin, and it easily shifted to one side. The wrinkles on his head stunned many social media users.

The boy is a hawker, and he always carries his wares on his head. Many are attributing the wrinkles on his head to the length of time he spends hawking. The video was reposted on Twitter by Dami Adenuga.

According to an article in Men's Health:

"This is cutis verticis gyrata, where the scalp develops folds that look like the brain. It's more common in men and usually completely harmless."

Watch the video below:

Twitter users react to video of man with wrinkles on his head

@EtimPoxman said:

"This guy don too hawk puff puff, I know am since primary school days."

@MrTrend__ commented:

"Man has been hawking for over 20 years now with his head."

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@zamani281 commented:

"He must have carried that stuff for a very long time."

@Kotosiafaze said:

"Why does anyone need a Dr to explain to them that if you hawk all your life by carrying stuff on your head there would be side effects and results."

NYSC member hawks snacks

Meanwhile, reported that a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was seen hawking.

The NYSC member carried some snacks and was walking by the roadside.

Many people who saw the video said there was nothing wrong with hustling.


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