Lilypichu: age, height, real name, boyfriend

Lilypichu: age, height, real name, boyfriend

Lilypichu's photos depict a young lady who is extremely cute and tender, but she is not a usual singer, dancer or model. Her real passion is video games. You have probably seen this girl before or are seeing her for the first time; it does not actually matter as long as her real-life image, anyway, may differ from what we see on the screen. Go on reading to find out details about Lilypichu life.

Lilypichu life facts
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Lilypichu name is probably well known for those who like video games, music and streams. However, what else do the followers know about the girl except for her passion? So if you want to know her a bit closer, but have no opportunity to meet her, just read the info below.

Who is Lilypichu?

Twitch platform gives a good start and development for those who like to live on camera and have something to demonstrate to the world. This young lady had discovered her passion for filming and became not an actress, but a streamer. On March 2006 (13 years ago) she started posting vlogs, piano covers, songs and game plays on her Twitch channel.

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Online multiplay The Land of Legends entertained her followers the most, and she gathered over 600 thousand regular watchers on her channel. Later she moved to YouTube where she went on sharing various entertaining art and gaming videos, her favourite animes, cosplays and got followed already by more than one and a half million people! On her YouTube channel, the most popular appeared her music videos. The one where she plays a melody following random cosplayers gathered crazy 11 million views. However, the decrease of views can be seen in the latest videos.

One may also find a female streamer on her Instagram with over 430 thousand followers; on her Twitter with 340 thousand readers and Facebook page with a bit more than 272 thousand people who liked it.

What is Lilypichu personal information?

Many people fail to define this celebrity age and often ask “how old is Lilypichu?” because of the very unusual girly appearance of the lady and her manner to dress. A young woman was born on November 20, 1991 (California, the United States). Therefore Lilypichu age is 27.

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It is quite apparent that despite her birthplace, a girl is not American. Lilypichu ethnicity is Korean as long as her parents moved from Korea to America and gave birth to Lily and her brother Daniel. By the way, Lilypichu real name is Lily Ki and like all Koreans (in comparison with Americans) she is a tiny girl. Tiny means that Lilypichu height is only 5 Feet 3 Inches (160 cm) and she is believed to weight just a bit more than 101 pounds (46 kg).

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Despite her popularity on Twitch, this lady’s main talent is to sing. Some people think that her anime-like voice is imitation. However, she may sound both: cute and extremely womanish. You can see it in the video below.

The online star also had jaw surgery. The principal goal of it was to expand the blogger’s abilities to singing and start a musical career. However, her career is still underway.

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What is known about Lilypichu personal life?

Perhaps the YouTube star is indeed in love with music, and therefore Lilypichu boyfriend is a musician. This person is more known on YouTube under the name sleightlymusical. He is followed by half a million people, and this young man produces marvellous covers and musical compositions playing on the violin. His real name is Albert Chang, and he is also of Korean ethnicity. Besides violin, he knows how to play the bass guitar, ukulele, and do beatboxing.

The couple has plenty of pictures on Instagram. Although nobody but them can know if they are happy together, one thing may be said for sure: these two look adorable together and have a vast potential to produce music in a duet.

Lilypichu is a singing Twitch and YouTube star. One should not get confused: she is not just a blogger or streamer, she has huge potential to develop and grow as a musician, and that makes following her life interesting. So watch her videos, listen to her covers and enjoy her voice.

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