Adeife Adebiyi: Nigerian Lady Helping Women to Fight Excess Weight Gain with Natural Solution

Adeife Adebiyi: Nigerian Lady Helping Women to Fight Excess Weight Gain with Natural Solution

Adeife Adebiyi, better known by her pseudonym Sisi Bella, does not just provide a messianic response to the challenges facing women with excess weight gain. Apparently, the young and passionate Nigerian lady was a "victim." Shedding a whopping 30kg weight within three months, Adebiyi offers hope to women through her alternative natural solutions. She spoke to on how she has been able to put smiles back on the face of people across the world.

1. Let our readers meet you

I am Adeife Adebiyi otherwise known as Sisi Bella, owner of Sisi Bella Organics, a foremost weight loss solution provider in Africa. A graduate of Unilag trained in naturopathy and hydrotherapy, I have over 5 years of experience in natural therapy, weight loss, aromatherapy, organic skincare, hydrotherapy, yoga and reflexology with thousand of clients all around the world.

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2. Why organic and weight loss solutions?

Weight loss found me. I started out with skincare but then there was the challenge of getting quality and original ingredients which could be frustrating as even some suppliers end up buying fake or mixed organic powders without knowing which can affect the quality of your product. But then I realized there was a niche for weight loss as I was battling weight issues myself and when I saw results with my slimming green coffee. I knew I had found the right niche for myself.

Sisi Organic Adeife: Nigerian lady help women to fight excess weight through natural way
Sisi Organic Adeife is helping Nigerian women to fight excess weight gain in a natural way.
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3. The challenges and the foresight?

Challenges so far have been very minimal. As long as clients follow the meal plan and take our slimming green coffee, they always come back with testimonies. Even those who are not following the meal plan still see results, except for people who were inconsistent and even those too see results in small amounts. So asides from inconsistency on some parts of clients, no big challenges so far.

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4. People complain some of the weight loss products don't work, why is yours different?

Our weight loss products are unique and different because we carefully select the best ingredients for weight loss straight from the farm. No additives, no GMO or harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Asides from that, we also mix the best slimming green coffee species for maximum weight loss. Sisi Bella slim green coffee is made with three mixed species for effective weight loss and total body slimming and we have authentic and original testimonials of hundreds of clients all over the world to prove that. All our products work without exercise. For example, I reduced from 95 to 65. A whopping 30kg gone in three months strictly with healthy eating and Sisi Bella slim green coffee. I stopped late-night food and I shed 30kg over three months without exercise.

Also, we don't stop at that, we also provide a meal plan, free consultations, free workout recipes for those suffering from fatigue syndrome.

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5. Is there any side effect to your products?

There are no side effects but the product should be used in moderation. Also, it is not for breastfeeding moms or pregnant women, though we have breastfeeders tea and other natural teas that work for other issues like Ulcers, Diabetes, High BP, Diabetes, e.t.c

6. Are your customers satisfied with your products, share with us some testimonies

Yes, we have hundreds of satisfied customers all over Nigeria and Africa and beyond.

7. Your advice for women losing confidence due to excessive weight gain

I will advise women who have lost their self-esteem as a result of excess fat to do the needful by stopping late-night food, eating healthy and working on their health to avoid issues in the nearest future.

They can sign up on Sisi Organic Solution to get a free consultation and begin their weight loss journey.

8. Advice for young entrepreneurs like you?

I will advise young entrepreneurs to never give up but keep pushing till they get to the very top.


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