Adorable Video Shows Toddler Meeting His Newborn Baby Brother in Hospital, He Laughs Happily

Adorable Video Shows Toddler Meeting His Newborn Baby Brother in Hospital, He Laughs Happily

  • A cute toddler, Caiden Sullivan, was very happy when he saw the sibling his mother, Alycia, just birthed in the hospital
  • As he walked into her room, he jumped up in excitement before he was lifted onto the bed to see his brother
  • Caiden poked the baby's head to ask "What's this' before requesting that he would like to tickle the newborn

A video has shown an adorable moment a toddler, Caiden Sullivan, met his baby brother for the first time.

The two-year-old could not control his happiness at the thought that his mother, Alycia, would be giving birth to his sibling.

He gave his mother a bag of gift at the hospital.
The toddler was really happy to see the newborn. Photo source: @dailymail
Source: Instagram

I want to play with him

In a video that has gone viral online, Caiden walked into the hospital and shouted ‘peekaboo!’ to announce his arrival to his mother and new baby brother, Jayce, Daily Mail reports.

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Before skipping to the bed to meet him, he laughed happily. While moving close to the baby, the two-year-old kept asking “What’s this?”

The toddler told his mother that he would like to tickle the baby before the woman showed him how best to play with a newborn.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

arpan__bhattacharyya said:

"Wait till he doesn't have his own room."

lonelyangelinyourarea said:

"I don’t care."

_doctommy1 replied:

"@lonelyangelinyourarea don't say that."

Girl who wanted a kid sister disappointed

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a little girl gave a 'funny' reaction after she got the news that her mother has just given birth to a boy.

At first, the girl shouted "no" in disbelief that such cannot happen. When her little brother confirmed the news, the kid threw her pen away and started crying.

She was expecting the birth to be of the same gender as her. A nurse and her dad who were present found the kid's reaction really funny.

Many people who reacted to her video said they loved how expressive the kid was in showing her disgust at the situation.

Funny kid copies grandma's walking style

In other news, a funny video showing a child imitating his grandma stirred massive reactions on the internet.

In a short clip shared by @diaryofanaijagirl on Instagram, the kid acted out the frail way his grandma walks.


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