Man Shaves Off All Beards, Cuts His Long Hair, Wife Looks Surprised When She Sees Him in Viral Video

Man Shaves Off All Beards, Cuts His Long Hair, Wife Looks Surprised When She Sees Him in Viral Video

  • A man shaved all his beards, trimmed his hair and he looked so much different in a viral video shared on Facebook
  • When his wife saw him, she was really surprised to see how different, more handsome and young he was
  • Many people who reacted to his video on the social media platform said that the man looks better without the hair

A short viral video has shown just how much change the human hair does to the whole appearance of a person, and how cutting could really alter a person’s looks.

In a clip shared by a Facebook page called It’s Gone Viral, a man with gigantic beards visited a salon and shaved everything.

Many people were wowed.
The wife could not believe he is the one when she saw him. Photo source: It's Gone Viral
Source: Facebook

Wife wowed

After everything was cut, his hair was packed into bunches to look like an attachment on sale. Reacting to his low-cut and clean-shaven looks, the man said he does not know what to do with the cut hair yet but he is going to keep it.

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When the man arrived home, his wife could not believe what she saw, she was so surprised. In great joy, she had her hands over her mouth as she hugged him.

Watch the video below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has over 70 million views with thousands of reactions.

He looks different compiled some of the comments below:

Samantha White said:

"He's actually a handsome man. He looks so much younger and smarter without all that face hair."

Jackie Gerhardi Strydom said:

"He looks way better and younger without all that hair and beard!"

Sabrina Hjarsø said:

"He should have kept some of the beard - it would have looked great with that hairstyle."

Robin Lane said:

"All that beautiful beard. My bald husband wishes he could have it. That beard was great."

Man took selfie daily

Meanwhile, earlier reported that a man seemed to have set a standard for narcissistic behaviour. A video shared on Facebook said that he took a selfie every day for eight years.

The act began when the man was 18 years old and he started it as a way to immortalize and document the changes happening to his face.

The man took the pictures with the same expression for weeks and even months before he switched to a smiling face.


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