Man Buys Old Boeing Aeroplane and Turns it into his House, He Added Shower, Video of Its Interior Causes Stir

Man Buys Old Boeing Aeroplane and Turns it into his House, He Added Shower, Video of Its Interior Causes Stir

  • A man, Bruce Campbell, in the United States bought an old passenger aeroplane and transformed it into his own abode
  • Bruce who acquired the old aircraft at $100,000 (N41 million) in the year 1999 is said to reside in the aeroplane house 6 months a year
  • The retired electrical engineer then spent a further $120,000 (N49 million) to disassemble it and move the aircraft to his property in Portland

Unlike people who reside in buildings, a man has chosen to take abode in an aeroplane.

The US man identified as Bruce Campbell acquired a 1969 Boeing aeroplane in the year 1999 at a price of $100, 000 (N41 million).

Man acquires old aeroplane for N41m, transforms it into his house, video of its interior sparks reactions
He bought the aeroplane in 1999 Photo Credit: Screengrabs from video shared by UNILAD Tech
Source: Facebook

Bruce, in order to put the aircraft in a shape that suits his taste, spent another $120, 000 (N49 million) to disassemble it after which the aeroplane was moved to his property in Portland.

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He removed all the seats

The retired electrical engineer in refurbishing the aircraft removed all its seats and added a shower for bathing.

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He also added other household necessities to the now turned house, as seen in a video shared by UNILAD Tech.

He now stays in the aeroplane for 6 months a year. The aeroplane's cockpit is where he does his reading.

Bruce believes old planes should be turned into homes

The old man believes all old planes should be made into homes to prevent them from being wasted.

In his words:

"Shedding a beautiful and scintillating jetliner is a tragedy in waste, and a profound waste of human imagination."

People react to the look of the aeroplane

Andrew Breckon commented:

"Great idea, but it cost a total of 220k and not to mention you need a huge chunk of land to put it on. It's not exactly beautiful or affordable plus the interior is awful."

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Kathleen Ketchell wrote:

"Great concept but I would clear those trees from around that plane where I'm from we back burn so properties don't burn down when it's summer saves a lot of homes this way."

Sylvana Rodriguez opined:

"This is not the best idea. Depending where you put the plane. In Arizona it will last forever but if it is placed in a tropical area kiss it good bye. Not convenient at all. I have seen school buses remodeled better than this. It doesn't even look like a home inside. This guy is single. A woman would not tolerate this."

Alan Smolin thought:

"He spent 1/4 million just to buy it and get it there. Could've built a nice cabin or home appropriate for the woods. The plane Could've been dismantled for scrap if he's so worried about recycling. Illogical but to each his own."

Man builds aeroplane car

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Meanwhile, previously reported that a man had built an aeroplane car himself and driven it on the road.

Showcasing it in a video shared on Facebook by Ridiculous Rides, Mark said it costs money to build.

The 32ft long whip which has the body parts of an aeroplane cannot fly but only use the roads. However, Mark fixed a passengers door, unlike an aeroplane.

The fine car also has LED lights, air condition, side-view mirrors and uses gasoline. On if he'd sell it, Mark opened up that he is willing to give it up at the right price.


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