Mohbad: How Long Does It Take to Get An Autopsy Result Ready?

Mohbad: How Long Does It Take to Get An Autopsy Result Ready?

Lagos state - The circumstances surrounding the death of late Nigerian singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba also known as Mohbad have prompted the Lagos State Police Command to exhume and conduct an autopsy on the corpse of the music star.

Nigerians are still waiting for an official announcement from the police and the long wait has triggered a lot of questions about the autopsy results of Mohbad who was only 27 at the time of his demise.

Mohbad's autopsy result
Mohbad: Full results of the autopsy usually take up to 6 to 12 weeks. Photo Credit: Mohbad/@iammohbad
Source: UGC

Mixed reactions have prompted some questions like “why the autopsy was done so fast” while others think that “the results are taking too long to be announced”

In this article, will demystify the meaning of autopsy, who is qualified to carry it out and how long it takes to get the result ready, using a BBC pidgin report

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What is an Autopsy and who is qualified to carry out one?

An autopsy is another name for the medical term ‘Post-mortem examination’, which is carried out on a dead person to verify the actual cause of death.

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According to the Yale School of Medicine and a Johns Hopkins University report, “The manner of death reveals the circumstances surrounding a person’s death”

Usually, this examination is carried out as early as possible after death. Further delay could lead to false results due to decomposition of the carcass.

A pathologist is most qualified to carry out an autopsy or a county coroner who does not necessarily have to be a doctor.

Why do people request for autopsy?

An autopsy is carried out for different reasons, most relatives or well-wishers might want to know the actual cause of the death of a deceased if they suspect an unnatural cause.

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To find out the real cause of death and get justice for the deceased, an autopsy must be carried out.

Another reason is to avert any further death in the family line of the deceased. The deceased may have died from a genetic ailment that can be mitigated if studied and diagnosed through the autopsy.

It is also done for public concerns like the outbreak of diseases for which nobody knows the cause.

Autopsies are also done to prevent the spread of unknown diseases and to study their mode of contamination and spread.

If well carried out, an autopsy could prevent an epidemic from happening.

How is an Autopsy done?

Autopsy procedure starts with generic and ends with the specific:

Firstly, it commences with the visual exam of the entire body including the organs and internal strictures.

It can also involve the microscopic, chemical, and microbiological exams of the organs, fluids, and tissues.

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The experts also weigh all the organs that are removed for the examination and one section is preserved for processing into microscopic slides.

The final report is presented after all the laboratory tests are complete.

Autopsies can last two to four hours. The results of laboratory tests on samples of body fluid and tissue might take a few weeks to be ready.

An autopsy procedure begins from the exterior of the carcass to the interior. Signs of abnormalities are looked out for like bruises or trauma inflicted on any part of the body.

Following this, the internal organs and viscera are examined for any lesion that would have indicated disease, abnormality or trauma injury before death.

The internal organs are also weighed, and sampled and fluids collected for further laboratory examination.

The laboratory examinations could be microscopic, chemical or even microbiological. All tests that could lead to the diagnosis are considered

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How long does it take an autopsy result to be ready?

The early report can be ready within the first few days but the full results of the autopsy usually take up to 6 to 12 weeks.

Once the autopsy is completed, the family of the deceased can pick up the corpse.

If some organs are retained for further testing; the funeral can be delayed for some days or weeks if the family want the body back complete before the buri

Since numerous results are carried out during autopsy, the time it takes for a full autopsy result to be ready would vary depending on the number of tests done and the types carried out.

Some tests could bring in results within a few hours while others would take days to generate useful results.

Also, due to unforeseen mishaps, some tests may be repeated for accurate results. Therefore, a full autopsy test result will take about 6-12 weeks to be ready.

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Police exhume Mohbad’s remains, begin autopsy

Earlier, reported that operatives of the Lagos State Police Command exhumed the corpse of Mohbad.

The state police spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, disclosed this in a post on X, formerly Twitter, @BenHundeyin.

Hundeyin said the corpse had been exhumed and next is to carry out an autopsy on the deceased.

Police confirm conclusion of an autopsy on Mohbad’s corps

Police announced the conclusion of the autopsy test on the corpse of MohBad.

Hundeyin, announced this via a social media post on X, formerly known as Twitter.


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