Man Rescued from the Streets Gets Lovely Suit from Well-Wisher after Joining Church Choir

Man Rescued from the Streets Gets Lovely Suit from Well-Wisher after Joining Church Choir

  • Ngwaci, a young man who dropped out of school and started abusing substances, has since changed his ways and embraced church
  • Ngwaci dropped out of Ndagani Primary School many years ago, and whenever he got a coin, he would rush to buy miraa and muguka and then spend a lot of time chewing them
  • While in church, Ngwaci was singing alongside other choir members when Tharaka Nithi county Assembly speaker John Mbaabu noticed him and cleaned him up

A young man who used to live in the streets of Tharaka Nithi county and abuse various substances is spotting a new, breathtaking look after he agreed to clean up and join a church.

Ngwaci as he looked before going for makeover and next frame shows after he was bought clothes.
Ngwaci, who got an extreme makeover from Tharaka Nithi county assembly speaker John Mbaabu (pictured with him in the right photo). Photos: John Mbaabu.
Source: Facebook

Ngwaci used to abuse substances

Affectionately known as Ngwaci, which is the Kikuyu name for sweet potatoes, the young man stepped from the tailor's shop looking dapper in a black suit and ready to go and sing in the choir.

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A resident in the town, identified as Daniel Muthomi Mbungu, told that Ngwaci used to abuse various substances, among them miraa and cigarettes, and he was in very bad condition.

"Whenever he got a coin, he would rush to buy miraa and enjoy it without a care in the world. Ngwaci was used to moving from one club to another, carrying a bottle containing tea alongside muguka. He started chewing his favourite stimulus from the Mitheru bus stage to Chuka Town. His only business was Muguka," Muthomi said.

John Mbaabu cleans up Ngwaci

Recently, Ngwaci attended a church event, and the Tharaka Nithi county assembly speaker, John Mbaabu, noticed him.

"Ngwaci is a constant figure in church activities, and his love for church music is unsurpassed. Yesterday, as I handed Chuka Catholic their choir uniform, one member missed out; I promised to kit him so he attends church smartly dressed. I have today made good my promise to Ngwaci, and he is around town looking nice," said Mbaabu.

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Mbaabu's long-term plan, as told to, is to take Ngwaci back to school, as he dropped out of Ndagani Primary School.

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