Toyin Abraham Named a Bully on Wikipedia As X Users Start Reporting Her to Netflix for Deplatforming

Toyin Abraham Named a Bully on Wikipedia As X Users Start Reporting Her to Netflix for Deplatforming

  • Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has continued to face pushback from netizens on social media amid her trouble with bullies
  • The movie star upset Twitter (X) users after she arrested one of their own for bullying her on the platform
  • In their bid to get him released, Nigerians edited the actress’ Wikipedia page and started reporting her movies on Netflix
  • A Nigerian writer and startup founder, Prince Ihemegbulam, shared his thoughts on the matter

Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham is now being massively attacked by Nigerians on social media following her trouble with bullies on Twitter (X).

The movie star started facing serious troubles after she made good her threat to deal with the people bullying her on the platform. This led to the arrest of one Ayo as claims made the rounds that she also arrested the mother of one of her bullies.

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X users tag Toyin Abraham as a bully on Wikipedia, report her to Netflix.
X users reported Toyin Abraham to Netflix and edited her Wikipedia profile. Photos: @toyin_abraham / IG
Source: Instagram

Shortly after the whole drama unfolded online, many netizens took it upon themselves to hit the actress where it hurt by going after her reputation and means of livelihood.

Toyin Abraham’s Wikipedia profile was soon edited, and the word ‘bully’ was used to describe her on the page. Not stopping there, young Nigerians started reporting her movies on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

A Twitter user, Ajebo Danny, advised the actress to get Ayo released or face the consequences.

According to him, there would be a mass reporting of Toyin Abraham’s Instagram page with them sending mails to Netflix.

To take things a step further, another X user, Faiza Mahmud, shared an email template to make the reporting process easier for Nigerians.

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Netizens react as Twitter users slam Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham’s trouble with young Nigerians on Twitter (X) triggered mixed feelings from others. Read what they had to say about the attacks online:


“This is only what Nigerians can do but there is hunger in the country when it comes to bullying u will see them with full force meanwhile the person that made things worse for us is enjoying at abj and also his instagram account is there they no see that one omo una just funny for this country .”


“All this for what? Just for supporting someone other than your candidate and you wonder why most celebrities are quiet during important matters like elections and the likes ? When you guys are done blacklisting her , please make sure you go to her banks and tell them to block her bank accounts too. The guy that was arrested for protesting on mast about the fuel subsidy , there’s been no outrage for him. Democracy my foot Mtchewww.”

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“They are honestly bullying this lady and it is not okay. Haba! So she can be bullied but is not allowed to retaliate? Hugs madam Toyin. I hope she is strong enough for this ❤️.”


“Let it be known to many of you that she had done no wrongs and many of you should stop been tribalistic over this issues cos you all will fight to defend yourself in whatever way you can, toyin has always bring laughter and love to us all and deserve better from us for exercising her civil right but as you all know Nigerians only follow crowd and no sense of self reasoning,this too shall pass ❤️.”


“And this is not bullying? If your boy is innocent go to the police station and bail him out. Celebrity or not, if someone comes for your child you’ll do worse !!! Who is toyin and why does her one vote this important? Didn’t we all say the election was rigged?”

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“I hope you all keep the same energy on your parent that vote for TInubu shouting Awa lokan?”

Cyberbullying is a crime

According to a Nigerian writer and startup founder, Prince Ihemegbulam, every crime comes with punishment. He however noted that Nigerians were angry over the economic hardship. In his words:

"Well all are in the mix of their own unreasonableness. Obviously the anger is a spin off of current economic hardship and the fact that some persons saw this incompetence incoming and for that labeled ‘guilty’ those who supported the current government in the last election - one would have argued against it if the current administration had a solid grip on handling the economy or even governance (popular opinion).
Nonetheless cyber bullying is a crime and every crime comes with punishment. Personally I do not have resentment towards anyone for their choice of candidate however I may distance myself from a fellow whose ideology wholly contradicts my moral or ethical values - conversations around election in Nigeria uncover how some persons are morally bankrupt with a full doze of tribalism."

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VDM slams Toyin Abraham

Meanwhile, earlier reported that the news of Toyin Abraham’s actions against her online trolls soon made the rounds, and online critic Vincent Martins Otse, aka VeryDarkMan, took up the matter.

In his usual fashion, VDM took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself tabling the matter and blasting the actress for her move.

According to him, she was shameless if the netizen’s tweet was the reason she arrested him.

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