With Legit.ng, Small Businesses Can Save a lot of Money: Head of Sales Shares Work and Life Details

With Legit.ng, Small Businesses Can Save a lot of Money: Head of Sales Shares Work and Life Details

This April, our spotlight is on our head of sales, Julie Okundaye. Julie is a high-flyer who has changed the face of digital sales and keeps clients satisfied with results that come from leveraging Legit.ng for their marketing communications.

In this interview, Julie helps digital sales enthusiasts see principles and skills needed to excel on the job, gives us a glance into her cheerful world and more importantly, leaves tips for small business owners on achieving set marketing goals.

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Legit.ng Head of Sales shares success tips for SMEs
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Who is Julie Okundaye?

I am a marketing professional with various work experiences that span across advertising, media and marketing. I am a diehard Shakespeare fan even if the two books I immensely enjoy are: ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wilde and ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Bronte. My personal mantra is to be true to myself at all times, and never be false to someone else. It is a Shakespearean quote “ To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night, the day then thou canst not be false to any man.” This has been the principle and it has guided the way that I live my life.

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What is your day to day like as a Head of Digital Sales?

My day to day activities aren’t really complex. I hold standup meetings with my team, give pep talks to motivate the team, attend meetings virtual and offline, create proposals, stalk prospective clients…(laugh emoji)…seal deals and sell, sell, sell!

Why is your role important in the grand picture?

My role is important in the grand picture because my team and I are the face of Legit.ng. We interface with various clients, partners, brands and agencies and we monetize the creative and innovative efforts of the editorial and technical teams. Personally, I am taxed to lead and motivate my team to success which ultimately turns out to be great for the company. This is because when the team sells, the company makes more money and everyone is happier for it.

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What is the unique Legit.ng factor that keeps brands coming back?

Value is the unique Legit.ng factor that keeps brands coming back. We deliver and serve an A-Z of value. From the editorial content, to our account management and client relationship team, and the innovative technologies we consistently improve on to deliver cutting-edge experiences like our custom-tailored articles and advertising formats, to campaign results and insightful reports; we deeply ingrain value that keeps brands coming back .

What should small businesses do to achieve their marketing goals and how can they leverage what Legit.ng offers?

With Legit.ng, small businesses can save a lot of money while also effectively reaching their niche audiences. Our CPM selling model for banner advertising and the ability to segment audiences help to filter out audiences that targeted messages and offerings are irrelevant to. Small business owners can also leverage our flexible pricing system and the conciseness of directing advertising message to their target audience thereby eradicating what we call (Advertising Devil) waste exposure. These combined with our effective reporting system that gives insight that can be leveraged by small businesses to make critical marketing decisions makes Legit.ng the go media partner for small businesses.

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Also, every small business needs to invest in a content marketing strategy that translates their marketing efforts into sales. Small business owners can achieve this by leveraging Legit.ng organic website readers/viewers and our huge social media followership and fan base. For every small business owner, Legit.ng becomes the fantasy of every small business in reality.

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