TikTok Deletes 1.7 Million Videos of Nigerian Users From Platform

TikTok Deletes 1.7 Million Videos of Nigerian Users From Platform

  • During the fourth quarter of 2023, TikTok removed 1.7 million recordings from Nigerian users, citing violations of its policies
  • Globally, the platform removed a total of 176.5 million videos in total for the period under review
  • The deleted contents were found to have breached TikTok's guidelines regarding integrity and authenticity

TikTok, the popular short-form video platform owned by Bytedance, announced the deletion of 1.7 million videos from Nigerian users in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The platform attributed this action to violations of its Community Guidelines, noting Nigeria's presence among the top 50 countries for such policy breaches during Q4.

TikTok erases 1.7 million videos in Nigeria
TikTok disclosed the removal of 169 million accounts identified as spam or fake during the same reporting period. Photo credit - New Scientist, BFG
Source: UGC

The development comes at the back of the platform's legislative issues with the United States government.

TikTok deletes millions of videos

Globally, 176.5 million videos were removed during this period, with the top 50 offending markets responsible for about 90% of these removals.

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These deleted videos were found to contravene TikTok's policies on integrity, authenticity, privacy, security, mental health, behavioural standards, safety, and civility, among others.

According to The Sun, TikTok disclosed the removal of 169 million accounts identified as spam or fake during the same reporting period.

TikTok stated:

“From October 7 through to the end of 2023, we removed more than 169 million fake accounts globally, and we have removed about 1.2 million bot comments on content tagged with hashtags related to the Israel-Hamas war.
“We remain vigilant in our efforts to detect external threats and safeguard the platform from fake accounts and engagement. These threats persistently probe and attack our systems, leading to occasional fluctuations in the reported metrics within these areas."

TikTok deactivates fake engagements

TikTok reported an uptick in fake engagement metrics during the fourth quarter of 2023, noting a surge in removed likes totalling 1.03 billion from videos.

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The platform also took action against 720 million fake followers and 4.9 billion fake follow requests.

These measures were in response to the detection of engagements originating from "automated or inauthentic mechanisms."

Moreover, TikTok observed a rise in ad removals for policy violations, with 1.5 million ads taken down in Q4 2023, up from 1.3 million in Q3, while the removal of ads due to account-level actions decreased during the same period.

According to a December report by Bloomberg, ByteDance's sales surpassed $110 billion in 2023, exceeding the estimated revenues of Chinese tech giant Tencent for the same year.

Three steps to blow on TikTok

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that a young Nigerian man with the handle @ZaddyB has gone viral on social media after coaching his followers about the TikTok app.

In a video, he advised his netizens who wanted to go popular on three steps to achieve fame on TikTok.

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Using his account as a practical guide, he showed netizens the three steps to take before making viral videos.

Source: Legit.ng

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