The Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries in Africa to Mine Bitcoin

The Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries in Africa to Mine Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin miners are in search of cheap places in the world to set up shop as the electricity price skyrockets.
  • Europe, Asia, and South America are the world’s most expensive places to mine bitcoin due to their high energy consumption.
  • Africa and the Middle East have have emerged as places where bitcoin mining is relatively cheaper.

Miners are searching for countries with cheap electricity to set up operations as crypto players are priced out of business.

It takes an average of $12,203 electricity cost to mine a bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining, Africa
Africa is one of the cheapest places to mine bitcoin Credit: Prostock-Studio
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Most expensive countries in the world to mine Bitcoin

According to Business Insider, the Oceana region is the most expensive area in the world for bitcoin mining, followed by South America at the cost of $7,150, while it costs $6,695 to mine in Europe and Asia, the cost is about $6,378, the Middle East at $6,249; North America at $5,456.

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Africa has become the cheapest on earth for bitcoin mining, with an average cost of $4,626 in electricity per bitcoin.

According to Business Insider, in countries in the Middle East and Africa, bitcoin users can mine Dogecoin for less. Miners are moving from state to state and considering issues when deciding on a location to set up mining operations, including regulation, environment, electricity prices and the overall cost of mining crypto.

Most expensive African countries to mine one bitcoin

  • Somalia: $82,044.16
  • Liberia: $77,663.16
  • Seychelles: $63,922.75
  • Comoros: $55,957.30
  • Cape Verde: $52,372.85
  • Djibouti: $52,173.71
  • Burkina Faso: $47,394.44
  • Ghana: $46,996.17
  • Eritrea: $43,610.85
  • Kenya: $43,212.58

Cheapest African countries to mine one bitcoin

  • Algeria: $4,181.86
  • Sudan: $4,779.27
  • Ethiopia: $7,168.91
  • Angola: $7,368.04
  • Zambia: $9,160.27
  • Tunisia: $15,333.50
  • Mozambique - $19,117.08
  • Egypt: $19,316.22
  • DRC: $19,913.63
  • Nigeria: $22,303.27

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