What to say when doing an online audition video for a reality show

What to say when doing an online audition video for a reality show

There are two means of auditioning for a reality show: live or online. Generally, most shows consider auditions to be done online through video submissions and applications. Is it your dream to make it on a reality show? The audition gives you a chance to stand out and prove to the casting directors and producers that you are the person they are looking for.

What to say in an audition video
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The secret of getting on a reality show is making a short, sweet video that indicates what makes you unique. Are you wondering how to go about it? Worry no more because this article provides tips to help you stand a high chance of being picked for an audition.

Tips before taping your video audition

Before you start recording yourself, there are several things that you need to ensure are in order. Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself.

1. Ensure you have proper lighting

Avoid bright light sources or direct sunlight that can obscure the view of your face or act as a distraction. You may tape a few experiments to ensure you have great lighting and to get it right.

2. Choose a good background

A plain and simple wall is considered to be the best. You should avoid shooting a video in places like the bathroom, in a mirror or anywhere that can have something distracting in the background.

3. Avoid any potential disturbances

Ensure there are no interruptions such as outside noises, a TV that is on, a radio playing or a family member interrupting.

4. Your camera should be steady

It is a wise thing to look for a friend to help you by holding the camera rather than you holding it by yourself. Your camera will remain steady throughout. An even better idea is a tripod. It can be a professional appliance or a makeshift stack of books that will hold your camera.

5. Film your video horizontally

Since the video is meant for TV, ensure you film your video horizontally and not vertically. It will give casting directors an easy time viewing your video. Sometimes the casting director may request a full-body slate; you just need to place your camera far away to get your whole body in the frame.

6. Do a test self-tape

A test is essential since you will ensure that you can be heard clearly and, moreso, that you can fit in the frame.

What to say in an audition video

How do you ace a reality show audition
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Reality TV shows are viewed on television, and how a person's personality is onscreen is crucial to casting for reality television. Check out great tips to direct you on what to say in an audition video.

1. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself briefly and ensure you give examples of why you are great for the show. You should sell yourself by stating what you have done so far. In case you have won awards, mention them along with other achievements.

Sometimes you may be provided with instructions as to what to fill in. You may be required to state your age and height.

2. Avoid long pauses

Although pauses are natural and one needs a second to think of a response, sometimes this does not bode well, especially for a video you have already planned out. Using words such as um, like or uhh sounds annoying and will take up unnecessary video space.

3. Show off your unique skills

Take a few seconds to show off your unique skills that you feel many people do not have. However, refrain from doing dumb stunts that anyone can do.

4. Keep your self-tape short

In many shows, submission instructions are to keep the video between 1-3 minutes long. You should stick to the time instructed and not go over. You only need to include a few unique things about yourself.

5. Follow the submission directions

In most cases, the reality show auditions ask for a link to your video and not an attachment. You should make sure to use the video hosting service they request. Posting on a different service will make things difficult for the casting directors to see your video.

Additionally, do not edit your video. Casting directors do not advocate for edited footage. You should also never use effects or any kind of transitions.

How do you ace a reality show audition?

What do producers look for when casting
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Most beginners consider reality TV auditions as stepping stones to bigger dreams. Do you want to use reality TV auditions as an entry to stardom? The following tips will make you understand what producers look for when casting and be able to focus on them.

1. Be energetic

You should start off strong. Casting directors happen to go through many videos; therefore, the first few seconds should impress them, or they will move on to the next if yours is boring. They always look for someone who has a strong personality.

2. Be yourself

Casting directors can tell when you are acting fake. Be genuine because they don't entertain stupid stunts. For instance, if you are an introvert, don't act like an extrovert and vice versa. You should also never lie about yourself because this is one of the greatest reasons you can be ruled out.

3. Dress for success

Wear something memorable and flattering. Do not wear clothes that you are not comfortable in. If, for example, you are not a person who wears suits, don't wear one. Additionally, avoid wearing clothes that are all black or all white. Do not wear shirts with logos, graphics or bold patterns, as they can be distracting. Solid colours work best.

4. Do not hide your flaws

Do not shy away from your flaws. Your imperfections could be the things that make you unique. For instance, you may have anger management issues. Casting directors could look for such defects to make the show a little more intriguing to their audience. Own who you are.

5. Answer your phone

Always ensure your phone is on so you do not miss a chance because the network can't get a hold of you. You should also ensure your phone accepts blocked and private numbers.

5. Be active all the time

You should always be active since you never know when you are being watched by casting directors. Sometimes they will keep an eye on the waiting room to better understand who you are; therefore, always be on.

6. It's okay to be nervous

Reality show audition questions
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It's not an offence to be nervous. Sometimes admitting you are nervous helps alleviate fear, and in doing so, you can be who you are.

7. Be proud of your physical appearance

You should own whoever you are. You may be either fat, skinny or tall or have a lazy eye; you should not be apologetic. Just be proud of yourself.

8. Don't be too picky about which show you get on

There are several opportunities available. You may find yourself constantly reaching the big or best options, which should not be the case. Sometimes smaller productions can be best for you.

9. Rehearse on answering tough questions they may ask

You should be ready to answer questions that the casting directors may ask. Just the way you prepare for an interview, it's the same way you should do it. Remember, the questions may be vague, but they are designed to draw out your values. Additionally, they want to see how well you can deal with questions on the spot.

10. Practice speaking infront of a camera

You should be able to speak comfortably and naturally in front of a camera. To achieve this, you can watch a recording of yourself when filming to see if you need to work on posture, tones or expressions. It will help to ease the tension when it comes to the real reality show.

Reality show audition questions

It is essential to practice questions that you may be asked before you start your application since you are required to give solid and definitive answers. Being ready to answer reality TV show questions is a big foot forward in the process. Here are some interview questions to expect:

  • Who is your favourite TV contestant ever?
  • Why did you decide to audition for this particular reality TV show?
  • Do you have a favourite reality TV contestant on our show?
  • What was your favourite challenge/part during the show?
  • What would you do with the final prize?
  • Are there any major fears you have in life?
  • Are there any drawbacks to being on the show?
  • How do you think your experience on the show will impact your career?
  • What is the craziest or funniest thing that ever happened in your life?
  • Have you ever been asked to do something you didn't agree to do on camera?

Reality shows have made stars out of many people who only used to dream about becoming the next top model or the next actor. These people took the opportunity and worked hard to outshine others on the show. Considering the tips on preparing for reality TV auditions, you too can get to celebrity status.

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