Who are Warren Jeffs' spouses, and what are they up to now?

Who are Warren Jeffs' spouses, and what are they up to now?

Warren Jeffs is an American religious leader and the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS). He rose to fame after being arrested and charged with sex crimes involving minors. The FLDS is a sect of the Mormon Church known to practice polygamy. After his conviction, many became curious about his personal life, particularly his wives. Who are Warren Jeffs' spouses, and what are they up to now?

How many kids does Warren Jeffs have?
Warren Jeffs during his September 19, 2007 trial proceedings in St. George, Utah. Jeffs was charged with coercing the marriage of underage girls. Photo: Steve Marcus-Pool
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Warren Jeffs is known to have a cult following in his Mormon church. He has multiple wives and many children. His story aired in the Netflix documentary Sweet: Pray and Obey. Warren has been in jail since 2011, and many have been curious about his wives. Where are Warren Jeffs' wives?

Who is Warren Jeffs?

The religious leader was born on 3 December 1955 in Sacramento, California, USA, to Rulon Jeffs and Marilyn Steed. His father was the President of the FLDS Church, a denomination group that believes in polygamy. Warren grew up alongside his many siblings outside Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Warren Jeffs was the principal of Alta Academy, an FLDS private school in Little Cottonwood Canyon. He was the counsellor to the church leader before his father's death and became the President of FLDS Church after his father's demise in 2002.

Warren's home in the Yearning for Zion Ranch near Eldorado, Texas, was raided in 2008, leading to his arrest for child assault and bigamy. He was imprisoned in 2011 and remains there today.

Who are Warren Jeffs' spouses?

The famous pastor had 78 wives before his incarceration. He also married all his father's wives, except two, after he died. Although he had numerous wives, only a few are known. Here is a look at Warren Jeffs' wives list.

Barbara Ann Barlow Jeffs

Barbara Ann Barlow was Warrens's second wife. She died fourteen years ago from cancer at 39 years. Barlow's body was sent to the Utah/Arizona border town of Centennial Park from the YFZ Ranch in Texas. Her daughter Rachel Jeffs conducted the funeral in Arizona.

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Naomie Jessop

Naomi was considered to be Warren's favourite wife. She was one of his father's, Rulon 65 wives. According to the Daily Mail, Naomie was with the cult leader while he was a fugitive.

Naomi was not only a wife but a confidant to Jeffs as she knew a lot about the FLDS Church. Her story is told in the documentary Preaching Evil, where she opens up about her childhood and time at the FLDS Church. Jessop was born in a polygamous family of six wives and had 53 siblings. Her parents were Barbara Jessop and Merril Jessop.

Growing up, Naomie wanted to become a nurse, but her father had arranged for her to marry Rulon Jeffs. Since the documentary, she has lived a quiet life away from the limelight, and little is known about her whereabouts.

Vicki Thompson

Vicki Thompson was the eighth wife of Warren Jeffs. She was separated from her children, Wendell and Sarah, but eventually reunited after moving to the Yearning for Zion Ranch. Vicki and her kids finally left the church and moved to New Harmony, Utah.

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She is now married to Aaron Thompson, a police officer, and they have a child together. Besides that, Vicki recently returned to school and graduated with a nursing degree from an unknown university in Utah.

Josephine Jessop

Josephine was one of Warren's spouses. After the religious leader was arrested, Josephine and two other wives were evicted from the church. Unfortunately, according to NBC News, Josephine Jessop, Naomi Johnson Jessop, and Della Black were swept by flash floods. They died together with their nine children in two separate vans.

Margaret Thomas

Where are Warren Jeffs' wives?
Defence witness Margaret Thomas answers questions during Warren Jeffs' trial on 18 September 2007 in St. George, Utah. Photo: Jud Burkett
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Margaret Thomas is one of the cult leader's wives who was called by the defence team during his trial. Since then, Margaret's whereabouts have been unknown.

Shannon Maria Johnson

Shannon was Warren's seventh wife. She got married to the preacher at age 12. Shannon has a daughter named Maria.

Brielle Decker

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Brielle Decker was Warren's 65th wife. She had escaped forced marriage to the 'Prophet' at 18. Brielle grew up in Sandy, Utah, in an FLDS compound. She knew she was being groomed to be Jeffs' wife as her older sister had married Jeffs' dad before.

After his incarceration, Decker was given his 3-acre land in Colorado City, Arizona. She established a nonprofit organisation named The Dream Center. The centre caters for other women who have escaped from the cult.

She was born Lynette Warner but changed her name to Brielle Decker after escaping from her marriage to Warren.

Mildred Blackmore

Mildred Blackmore, famously known as Millie, married Warren in 2004. She was 13 years old at the time. She married the preacher together with her two sisters, Alyshia Rae and Nolita Collen Blackmore. They came from a polygamous family in Canada.

After Jeffs' imprisonment, their whereabouts are unknown. Her brother Brandon says all three sisters are considered Warren's loyalists.

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Sheena Roundy

Sheena Roundy is a polygamous wife of Warren. She died of cancer which spread fast because she was not allowed to go to the hospital.

Merianne Jessop

Merrianne Jessop was Warren Jeffs' youngest wife and sister to Naomie Jessop. She married the sect leader in July 2006 when she was only 12.

Marianne was born on 3 July 1994 to Barbara Jessop and Merril Jessop. She is 29 years as of 2023 and currently lives in Texas with her family.

How many kids does Warren Jeffs have?

Warren Jeffs has a total of 60 children. Rachel, Roy, Warren, Becky and Jefferson, Melanie, Josephine, Maria, and Hannah Jeffs are among the known Warren Jeffs' children.


  1. Who is Warren Jeffs? He is an American cult leader and the President of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS).
  2. Where is Warren Jeffs from? He was born in Sacramento, California but grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
  3. Where is Warren Jeffs today? He is incarcerated at the Louis C. Powledge Unit in Palestine, Texas. He is serving a life sentence after being convicted of child sexual assault.
  4. Will Warren Jeffs ever be released? It is unclear if he will ever be released, although he will be eligible for parole on 22 July 2038.
  5. Does Warren Jeffs still have wives? The cult leader has wives who are still loyal to him. They include Mildred Blackmore, Alyshia Rae, and Nolita Collen.
  6. What happened to Warren Jeffs' wives? Some of the church leader's wives escaped the church and lived private lives. Others are still missing, and others died.
  7. Did Warren Jeffs have children? Yes, he has 60 children.

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Mildred Blackmore, Alyshia Rae, and Nolita Collen are some of Warren Jeffs' spouses. The cult leader had 78 wives before his arrest and incarceration. Some remain loyal to him, while others have remarried and disappeared mysteriously.

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