Biafra Agitation: Obasanjo Berated For Speech Against Biafra

Biafra Agitation: Obasanjo Berated For Speech Against Biafra

Most Rev Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma has berated former Nigerian president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, for his outburst on the sensitive issue of Biafra.

Biafra Agitation: Obasanjo Berated For Speech Against Biafra
Biafra agitators

The Arch­bishop of Enugu ecclesiastic province said Chief Obasanjo was barely talking jargon.

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Reacting to the former military ruler's speech, Dr Chukwuma said that Biafra cannot be wished away so long as Ndigbo are still being neglected and margin­alised in the Nigerian state.

The clergyman noted that it was nonsensical for Obasanjo to say the Biafran agitators have commer­cialised the course without him, an elder statesman prof­fering solutions on how Igbo marginalisation would end.

Chukwuma, who is also the Anglican Bishop of Enu­gu said that in as much as he does not support the print­ing of a Biafran Passport, he believes that the youths who are protesting were provoked to do so by the long years of marginalisation of the Igbo.

He urged Obasanjo to be sincere to himself as he did not improve the lot of the Igbo when he was president.

In the sane vein, the leader of Movement for the Actu­alization of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) Solo­mon Chukwu, said that the former president was talking nonsense.

According to him, MASSOB was not going to com­promise the struggle for the actualization of Biafra through non-violent means.

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He said: “ We know where we are going. Chief Obasanjo is talking nonsence. Whether the likes of Obasanjo like it or not, very soon Biafra will be a reality. We are not ignorant people as he said. We know what we are doing and very soon we will get there.

“ We are about to hold elections, and committee is about to be set up to draw the modalities for the elec­tions. So we know what we are doing”.

Obasanjo Obasanjo, had earlier urged Nigerians to give up the agitation for Biafran independence. The ex-president stressed that Biafra as a secession issue is dead.

Obasanjo also described the January 15, 1966 coup as a monumental error. He said the 1966 coup that was orchestrated by the late Major Chukwuma Nzeogwu brought the military into politics.


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