Ibinabo Fibresima is Killing Our AGN Guild - Clarion Chukwura

Ibinabo Fibresima is Killing Our AGN Guild - Clarion Chukwura

2014 AMAA Best Actress winner Clarion Chukwura has been really fulfilled recently having secured the award this Saturday, May 24th, but she is still bitter towards AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima.

In a recent interview with Yes magazine, Clarion blasted the AGN president saying Ibinabo has not seeked her advice nor call her once since she was the president.

She described the reason she is against Ibinabo is to bring dignity back to the guild, She said: "If Ibinabo recognized me as a senior colleague, she would have picked up her phone and called me at one point or the other, before or during her leadership. She had never done so.

That is one. Two, I was privileged, with the manner she spoke during the issue of the murder case for which she was convicted, and I didn't see that attitude as someone you should dialogue with.

Clarion also revealed that she has been helping former AGN leaders, when they reached out to her, so Ibinabo's move to ignore her has left her dumbfounded.

She said: Three at the Nollywood at 20 event, there was not that kind of rapport that okay, you are my senior colleague, at the helm of the leadership of the guild, if you have anything that can assist me in my position, you can please reach out to me.

Ejike Asiegbu called on me and I assisted and played my role in every area he asked me to play my role. Zack Orji invited me at one point or the other to and we worked together" she added.

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