ISIS Attack Coming To Nigeria Soon - Expert

ISIS Attack Coming To Nigeria Soon - Expert

A warning has been made by Ona Ekhomu, a security expert, concerning a terror attack that is about to happen in Nigeria.

ISIS Attack Coming To Nigeria Soon - Expert

The Punch reports that Ekhomu implored the federal government to take issues of tackling insurgency in the country very serious. Instead of waiting for the attack to occur just like it recently did in Paris and France, Ekhomu implored the federal government to call on Nigerians who can help forestall it.


Ekhomu, who is the President of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria, in a statement on Monday, November 23, said recent intelligence intercepts indicated that an ISIS attack on Nigeria was imminent.

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He said:“ISIS could use its Nigerian affiliate, Boko Haram, to wreak havoc here in order to signal its capability to carry out worldwide terrorist attacks and add to its stocks of fear. Having millions of Nigerians on the lookout for terrorists, reporting suspicious activities to the authorities, is better than 400,000 police and military personnel searching for terrorists.

“With proper enrolment, citizens can become the arrow-head in the search for terrorists as citizens are everywhere. With trained eyes, they can recognise Terrorist Attack Pre-incident Indicators in order to spot suicide bombers, bomb planters and active-shooters.”

He advised the Federal Government to adopt a colour-coded security alert system, adding that the codes could aid mass mobilisation of people to prevent terror attacks.

He said the system would also ensure that residents do not suffer “vigilance-fatigue”.

“The Federal Government can adopt the color-coded National Security Alert System where green means that attack is not likely and red means imminent attack. It is the job of government to keep citizens safe from terrorists. Political leaders need to work hard to ensure that people are kept safe from attacks, rather than the fad of visiting victims of bomb blasts and offering to pay hospital bills. The primary purpose of government is the security and welfare of citizens. Security is a primary responsibility of the modern democratic state,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, dropped a bombshell on Monday, November 16. Putin was at the G20 meeting in Turkey where the fight against Islamic State topped the discussion. He alleged that the dreaded Islamic State (ISIS) is being financed by 40 countries which included some members of the G20 countries.


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