You Must Allow Dasuki Travel - Court Summons AGF

You Must Allow Dasuki Travel - Court Summons AGF

A Federal High Court in Abuja on Friday, November 13, adjourned hearing on a suit filed against the Nigerian government by Sambo Dasuki, the former national security adviser.

Ademola Adeniyi, the justice of the Federal High Court, Abuja, hearing the motion against the government said his ruling on Dasuki's treatment abroad was clear and he did not see any even reason why anyone would flout his order.

You Must Allow Dasuki Travel - Court Summons AGF
Sambo Dasuki

He stated that from his ruling there was a definite number of days for which Dasuki can be away for his treatment.

"I think on my own side, I have made an order which has to be complied with.

"What is the magic there, I think you should appreciate the point I am making," he said.

Adeniyi asked the attorney general of the federation, Abubakar Malami, to appear before the court for a definite on ruling on the case.

But the prosecuting counsel argued that Dasuki's trip abroad might interfere with investigations by the Department of State Security (DSS).

However, the judge said: "Even the supreme court will not say that you should not investigate anybody. Nobody would say you should not continue your investigations."

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The prosecuting counsel added that the order was flouted because of the fresh charges against Dasuki.

"What is wrong with the person going; it is only a fit person that can be investigated, so let the sick man go to where he is going and come back. There is no big deal," the judge interjected.

Following this, counsel to Dasuki said an order has been flouted even when it was made clear that his client is not in any way against further investigations into him.

He also said that the ministry of justice should educate its judges and endeavour to file charges against the authority on evidence against Dasuki, rather than the unruly exhibition showed towards orders made by the court of law.

The judge called on both counsels to be careful about the ongoing case due to local and international interest.

But counsel to the Nigerian government cited an incident that proceeded Dasuki's case where a commissioner of police refused to honour an invitation for investigation after being allowed to stay away for some time.

Also apologizing to the defending counsel, the judge warned the prosecutor that he should be aware that judges are the almighty on earth and have the authority to remove anyone.

"There is no way I am going to change my own order; there is no need for me to start hearing all these," the judge continued.

"Even if you want him to come to you, you have to even open you barricade because I can see he is not even here," he said.

The defence counsel asked the court to invite the attorney general of the federation into the court as it appears the DSS seems not to be obeying court orders.

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On this the prosecuting counsel said the case has not got to the level of inviting the attorney general.

But the judge asked DSS counsels go back and brief the attorney general or he (the judge) will be forced to do so.

Adeniyi adjourned the case to Monday, November 16, for definite hearing with the attorney general of the federation present, adding that he is also worried that defendant's health could be deteriorating.

A former minister of aviation Femi Fani-Kayode was present in court. He said he was present at the hearing to show solidarity to Dasuki.



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