Luke Macfarlane bio: height, brothers and sisters, movies, net worth, boyfriend

Luke Macfarlane bio: height, brothers and sisters, movies, net worth, boyfriend

In most cases, actors are somewhat idols to ordinary people. At the same time, they are the most discussed among all celebrities. There is a non-written rule: the more popular a person is, the more gossip around them go viral. Luke Macfarlane is one of the stars who are objects of many stories. Luke is a well-known Canadian actor who combines theatrical performances with movies and TV series as well.

Luke Macfarlane shooting for Just Add Romance movie
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The reason for the growing interest to his person was not connected with his profession and we in no way want to say that he is a bad actor. The gossips and conversations about his private life surrounded the actor from the very beginning of his career. All those rumours had no harmful impact on the public’s attitude to Luke because people liked the movies he played in and valued his talent.

Luke Macfarlane bio: age, measurements and early life

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The full name of the actor is Thomas Luke Macfarlane, and he was born in Canada, London, Southwestern Ontario province. There is no much information about Luke Macfarlane brothers and sisters. All we know for sure is that Luke was one of the three children in the family: Rebecca Macfarlane is the oldest sister, Ruth and Luke Macfarlane are the twins and were born on January 19, 1980. The actor has no brothers at all.

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The parents’ work was connected with medicine. The mother was a nurse in London Hospital for patients with mental diseases, and the father headed the student’s hospital at the University of West Ontario.

The actor received the secondary education with his sisters at London Central Secondary School and continued studying at the Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts, which is a public school. The acting career was Luke's dream from the school time, so after graduation, he moved to New York City to study drama and arts, where he was successfully admitted to Julliard School.

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He has quite an athletic build: Luke Macfarlane height is 6 feet 2 inch, his body weight is approximately 77 kg. It is likely that he does sports for a long time.

Actor Luke Macfarlane: career path and income

Luke started his actor’s way on the theatre stage and became one of the four youngest actors at the Playwright Horizons Theater. He received the leading role in the play Where Do We Live. It was staged at the Off-Broadway Vineyard Theatre. By the way, this play won the GLAAD Award. Later he again appeared in the play The Busy World is Hushed, stages at the Playwright Horizons. This piece repeated the success in Los Angeles in 2007.

Luke Macfarlane at the recent ceremony
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As for his TV career, at first, the actor received only supporting roles. In 2005 he played the private soldier in the Over There TV series on the FX channel. Then followed the role in comedy film Tanner or Tanner with American actress Cynthia Nixon. The Canadian actor received the first starring role in 2009. It was miniseries named Irod Road, which was recorded by Chinese and Canadian directors.

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The first significant role which brought him fame was in Brothers&Sisters. Luke portrayed Scotty Wandell, the guy with different sexual orientation. The ABC showed five seasons of this TV series, which lasted from 2006 to 2011. This great success brought about the sequence of equally good roles:

The list of Luke Macfarlane movies includes The Mistletoe Promise, Rock Paper Dead, The Memory Book, Christmas Land, and Maggie's Miracle Christmas.

The music on an equal basis with theatre was his hobby from childhood. Studying at Lester B. Pearson School, he created his musical band and named Slipnaught. Then the man with classmates renamed the group to Fellow Nameless. Luke was the frontman and songwriter. They even managed to record one album and several songs — subsequently, the band split. The first reuniting occurred in 2004 and had no results. Now the band exists under the new name Cancel Winter, but without Luke Macfarlane.

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According to some estimates, Luke Macfarlane net worth is almost 3 million dollars. The annual salary of the actor comprises 50,000 dollars. He still plays in several theatres in Canada; talk shows invite him as an expert. Sometimes he shows up as a host at ceremonies.

Is Luke Macfarlane gay or not: the details of relationships

The rumours about the sexual orientation of Luke Macfarlane from time to time appeared on the headlines. The role of Scotty Wandell hardly could be the reason for numerous discussions. Paparazzi often noticed him in the company of men. Many of them also were celebrities.

The actor Charlie David was the first Luke Macfarlane boyfriend. It is known that they have a strong relationship, although they lasted not for a long time. The next love affair the actor had was with Theodore Raymond a.k.a T. R. Knight, but the details are unknown.

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Macfarlane photoshoot
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The most robust relationship of Luke Macfarlane occurred in 2007 with the Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller. Macfarlane and Wentworth Miller have been dating for almost half a year. They spent a lot of time together, although no one revealed the sexual identity. From that time the question like ‘Is Luke Macfarlane gay or not?’ became to appear more frequently.

At first, the actor was afraid that this truth could harm his reputation and become a career killer. Later, he got tired of it and changed his opinion. In 2008 Wentworth Miller partner, Luke Macfarlane decided to come out and did this on an interview for The Globe and Mail.

Professional wrestler Chad Slivenski is the third Luke Macfarlane partner. However, none of the men revealed information about their relationships. All we know that they broke up and Luke is single, but his secrecy provides a good reason to suggest a current love affair now.

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Unfortunately, the actor is not active in any of the social media, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. He is often included to the lists of celebrities, who broke the women hearts by his coming outs.

Macfarlane with Matthew Rhys in the Brothers&Sisters TV series
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So, despite the rumours, Luke Macfarlane still remains to be an intelligent person with an interesting life. We predict a great future for him and hope that his name will become known to many more people.

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