How Man Who Steals From Bishop Oyedepo Runs Mad

How Man Who Steals From Bishop Oyedepo Runs Mad

A staff of the Living Faith Worldwide, otherwise known as Winners Chapel identified as Olawore who was stealing from the church's offering has reportedly ran mad, reports.

How Man Who Steals From Bishop Oyedepo Runs Mad
Bishop Oyedepo

Olawore, who is light fingered was employed as an accountant some years ago. A mandatory requirement for anyone to work with the religious body, is that one must undergo the church’s pastoral training irrespective of the educational credentials presented. He was therefore enrolled at the theological seminary, from where he subsequently graduated and was employed.

He was reportedly assigned to counting and recording the church’s proceeds after every service. According to an insider, the church’s strong room has close circuit cameras installed in all areas except the toilets. Olawore alongside other accountants are responsible for counting the money and separating the hard currency from the local currency.

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A close family source revealed that he became close to the founder and his intelligence paved way for him to head the department after a few years of his stewardship.

Despite being close to one of the richest pastors in the world, Olawore and some of his colleagues were found to be stealing from the church’s treasury.

They would pin the money in their hand and take excuse to visit the toilet where they would hide it somewhere they would later have access to, because, after close of work, everyone would be subjected to thorough search before they are cleared to leave the strong room.

Eventually it became possible for them to steal hard currencies of higher denominations because these are monies that will last them sometime three days to finish counting.

Few months into this, Olawore who is said to be blessed with the gift of prophecies was always seeing where others used to keep their stolen ‘goddies’ and he would always go directly to retrieve the stolen loot.

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The money became so enormous, that he started buying lands all over the place mostly at Agbado area of Lagos state, Olawore started living large and enjoying life to the fullest, but could only do this for a short while, as his insatiable greed and appetite for women ruined him and all he acquired.

Presently Olawore seems to have become withdrawn and is often seen muttering to himself while walking the streets without any hope of him regaining his sanity.

A similar case happened in Edo state, as Rev Igbinigie Anthony, the pastor in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in Egor local government area of the state narrated to an Egor Chief Magistrate Court of how a man who tried to steal the church’s offering during its annual thanksgiving was caught.

The pastor in charge, said the suspect had broken into the church on three previous occasions and made away with cash amounting N52,000.


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