How to be emotionless and stop feeling

How to be emotionless and stop feeling

Many people want to know how to be emotionless for various reasons. Some think this will help them at work; others hope this will improve their personal lives. Whichever the reasons stand behind your desire to be cold-hearted, we will help you to be successful in this endeavor.

How to be emotionless
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Strong emotions may be harmful or lead to undesired consequences. Here, we have gathered the most effective techniques that will help you retain your peace of mind, unmarred by any passions, in any situation.

How to be emotionless: main approaches

How to become emotionless
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The question “How to become emotionless?” has many answers. Some of these answers or ways can help you to deal with the question “How to get rid of feelings?”; others may prove to be useless. All people are different, and what works for one may be less potent for the others.

However, there are two main approaches that you can practice independently from one another. Each of them has its own techniques, from which you can choose the ones that suit you better. The first approach is to learn to suppress your emotions and feelings in situations when you need to react quickly or in the circumstances that provoke emotional outbursts.

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The second approach is to develop a number of habits and behaviors that will allow you to manage your emotions better in the future. Of course, either of these approaches may be used separately. However, you will benefit the most if you use both of them to deal with the “How to be cold-hearted?” question.

How to turn off your emotions: top techniques

When you find yourself in a situation that requires you to feel extreme emotions like fear, anxiety, anger, irritation, or even joy, you may need to learn how to suppress them. The reasons that stand behind such desire may be different for each person.

Some people want to do this in order to think logically. Others do not want to appear vulnerable because of their feelings. Nevertheless, we have gathered seven of the most potent techniques to deal with your emotions. Check them out and pick the one that suits you better.

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1. Set yourself and the situation apart

How to suppress emotionless
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The most simple and, at the same time, the most effective method to deal with the question “How to get rid of emotions?” is to separate yourself from the situation you have found yourself in. Try to approach it as if you are reading a book or watching a film about these circumstances.

When you act as an independent reader or a viewer, you start feeling as if the whole situation does not concern you directly; therefore, you have no reason to experience any emotions about it. Moreover, in such a way, you can assess the situation better.

Everyone has had such moments while watching a movie when they were telling the main characters how to act in these or those circumstances. Detaching yourself from a situation helps you to see the whole picture without being affected by distracting feelings.

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2. Refrain from compulsive behaviors

Such compulsive behaviors as checking your mail, time, or your phone for any missed calls every five minutes do not add to your emotional stability. You should refrain from such repetitive actions as they enhance the emotions that you are trying to keep in check.

Instead of doing them, you should concentrate on your inner state. Meditate or distract yourself in any other way that will bring you peace of mind. Try reading a book, go for a walk, clean up your place, doodle, or just listen to your favorite music.

3. Refrain from anticipating the future

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Do not try anticipating the future; chances are you will be wrong anyway. Instead of imagining all the possible consequences of your actions (and people think of the worst case scenarios, mostly) and getting emotional responses to them, do some physical exercises to clear your mind. Running in a park is the best option, but going to a local gym or simply doing some yoga at home will also work just fine.

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4. Use logical thinking

Usually, such questions as “How to stop feeling?” and “How to suppress emotions?” arise when emotions prevent you from sorting things out. In such cases, the best thing you can you do is to start thinking logically. Analyzing the situation carefully by taking into account facts only will subdue your feelings and emotional responses. Thus, every time you realize that your passions are getting a hold on you, turn on your logical thinking.

5. “Try on” a state of power

How to have no emotions
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Just like thinking about bad things causes anxiety or anger, imagining yourself in a state of power will bring you peace of mind and confidence. Thus, when you want to keep your feelings in check and demonstrate a p0ker face to the world, think about being the one who controls the situation, and soon, you will realize that it is the truth.

6. Banish the first thought

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It is much easier to deal with a single thought that initiates the outbursts of your passions than trying to suppress a landslide of emotions that have been brewing in you for hours, if not days. Therefore, you should train yourself in detecting these initial thoughts that provoke an emotional response in you. If you manage to catch them in time and shove them aside, you will be able to retain your cold-hearted state with ease.

7. Know when to acknowledge emotions

There are feelings that need to be suppressed. Anger, hatred, anxiety, etc. are among them. These are feelings that are nothing more than our primitive reactions to various stimuli. At the same time, there are emotions that you need to face, acknowledge, and let them go. Grief is one of such emotions. If you choose to suppress it every time it appears, you will never be able to get rid of it. If you really want to have no feelings, you should face some of them from time to time to become free of them.

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How to have no feelings: prevent emotional outbursts

How to stop feeling
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The following techniques belong to the approach aimed at preventing you from being emotional. They focus on calming down and clearing your mind. These techniques work best if you make a habit of practicing them. Making them a part of your daily routine will prevent you even from the need to ask such a question as “How to have no emotions?” With them, you will always have peace of mind and a clear head.

Calming techniques

Using calming techniques throughout the day will prevent any emotional outbreaks you might have. Even if you do not realize it, you may have begun feeling angry or irritated already. Performing these simple exercises will eliminate any useless feelings before you even realize that they are there.

Breathing techniques

There are many breathing techniques aimed at calming down and refocusing your attention. They will surely contribute to your emotionless self.

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Meditation is another priceless tool that helps to manage your emotions. By practicing meditation regularly, you become more focused and more aware of your inner self. This technique has two great benefits in terms of emotions. The first one is that you become less affected by all outer irritants. The second one is that it helps you to control your emotions better. Thus, these two effects of meditation will help you to cultivate the cold-hearted self you are so longing to create.


How to get rid of feelings
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In order to be ready to suppress the budding emotions and to deal with the question “How to not have feelings?”, you need to have a bunch of hobbies. Turning to your hobbies at times of need is a perfect distraction from the situations that provoke you to feel. Moreover, it would be even better if one of your hobbies were some kind of sports. Physical activity is the best tool to clear your mind. Regular physical exercises will keep you balanced at all times.

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Keeping a diary or a journal

If all the aforementioned techniques are not helping or only partially helping, and you still experience some emotions and feel the need to let them out, you should think of having a journal or a diary. There you can keep track of all your emotional outbreaks. You can write down every detail of the situations that provoked them and how you feel about everything. It will help you determine the main factors that cause feelings. In the future, you will learn to either avoid them or deal with them.

Knowing when to let go

Last but not least, you should learn to let some situations and emotions go. As Reinhold Niebuhr once said,

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Knowing when to let go is the key to your peace of mind and, consequently, to you being emotionless.

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Thus, there are many ways that teach us how to be emotionless. Some of them focus on actively suppressing all feelings. Others are aimed at preventing them from surfacing. Choose as many as you like and start feeling nothing.


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