How I Seduced My Lecturer

How I Seduced My Lecturer

In Nigeria's higher educational institutions, allegations of sexual harassment is rife. Lecturers have been  accused of harassing female students to exchange sex for scores. But no one ever accuses female students of seducing their lecturer. In this piece, Mirabel, a typical Lagos campus girl narrated how she seduced one of her lecturers to Lagos contributor, Chinenye Obidigbo. It's a shocking but  true story.

Enjoy her narration below:

How I Seduced My Lecturer
While sexual harassment is prevalent in Nigerian universities, female students also seduce their teachers

My name is Mirabel. I happened to have an unavoidable attraction for my lecturer in my second year in the university. It all began one fateful morning when were supposed to have a lecture, FORTRAN.

It happened that our old lecturer, was retiring and a replacement was brought to continue with the course. The outgoing lecturer came into the lecture hall that afternoon with this young, vibrant looking man who introduced himself as Mr. Desmond. He was meant to take over from retiring lecturer.

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I was lost in erotic thoughts at the sight of this man that I didn’t even bother to listen to the gibberish introductory message, I was just focused on his masculine physique that stole my heart and whole being that instant. He was fondly addressed ad Mr. Dez by fellow students.

Despite the fact that I was studying a science inclined course, I was never serious with my studies. I hardly attend lectures because I had it at the back of my mind that no matter what happens, the word “Impossible” simply means “I’m possible” in my dictionary so I didn’t bother myself about that.

I am a very easy going person who believes that every goal in life is attainable, it doesn’t matter the paths you took in achieving it. The most important thing is that the set goal was positively achieved. That was my new mission with my young lecturer, Mr. Dez. I am a lover of good thing and highly attracted to cute men, most especially, the young energetic ones.

These characteristics were possessed by Dez and I was bent on having him grace my bosom. Dez was tall (6ft. 7”), dark, he had this physique like those hot black Americans we see in Hollywood movies.

Damn! He was so cute with those well-arranged sets of teeth with slight opening in the middle upper front teeth covered with the most red sexy lips I‘ve ever seen.

His smile made my stop for a second. His eyes were like the blue sky and the shape of his ‘Mandingo’ adorned and well packaged on the pair of jeans pant he wore that day and a shirt that graced his broad shoulders.

He was the sexiest creature I ever laid my eyes on ever since I set foot into the campus. I felt like I had a mission to accomplish and my goal must be met at the end of it all. After the introductory class that day, I could not get Dez out of my head.

He became my imaginary stalker or either ways. I started attending his class and made sure I never miss any period just to behold his sensuous presence. Desmond is a kind of man any responsible girl in her right senses won’t let to pass her by. They were limitations, I know but I cared less. He was 10 years older that I was but hardly looked it because of his sporty appearance.

Secondly and most importantly, he was married with kids, still I damned all the consequences. My fellow course mates noticed my unusual attendance to lecture more especially that of Mr. Desmond’s, other courses, I cared less about them because I knew that definitely I will pass them at any cost (monetary not otherwise).

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One day, it was like waiting forever to be noticed by this super sexy creature of my lecturer. I had an assignment that I was yet to complete, so I came in earlier enough to do them to avoid any embarrassment from Mr. Desmond whose class we were having the next period.

It was as if my heart was calling out to him, lo and behold, there he was, alone in the lecture with me. Luck smiled on me that day it was my goal accomplishing day. I greeted him with the sexiest smiles I had and rested my hands on his broad chest because I was already standing so close to him.

He was amused and taking aback by my strange reaction. I comported myself immediately and removed my hands from his chest, walk closer and gently whispered into his ears that I will like to see him after the class in his office.

He asked if I was having difficulty with the course, I affirmed by showing him he undone assignment because honestly I had no ounce of idea of how to get the right answers to the most strange questions I’ve ever seen in my entire life, Gosh!

After what seemed like forever to respond to my request, he told me to see him after the class. The two hours he spent in class were the most boring of its kind; he kept repeating one sentence over and over again. I was lost in deep thoughts while staring at him like suckling looking up to her mother for breast milk.

He noticed I was absent minded and asked me a question; it took the intervention of the girl next to me to bring me back to reality.

At last the class was finally over, I quickly rushed to my room, took a quick bath, applied a very seductive perfume, and wore a see-through short gown cover with big, long jacket and set off to his office with my books. He was almost on his way out when I walked in.

He shouted at me for keeping him waiting and asked why I didn’t follow him after the class. Of course the question was met with silence. I quietly closed the window blind and locked the door as he stood there moping at me as if he’s seeing double. I came back and stood in front of him and he asked again, what was that for?

Before he could complete the question, my jacket was already on the floor, I stood there almost naked. Yes! I had him under my spell. I knew at this point that he cannot resist me because all of a sudden his voice disappeared. I moved closer and kissed him passionately, My Goodness! his lips tasted like honey.

At this point, he could not hold it any longer, he grabbed my two sumptuous oranges that was pointing at him like arrows waiting to be released on a prey. He squeezed it so hard that I noticed the kind of effect I had on him. In no time, we got down to real business, just exactly as I imagined it.

He was smooth, gentle on the bare floor and the times we spent was so magical that at that spot, I realized that I was in love with my lecturer. Nothing else mattered tome then but to enjoy the sizzling moments with him.

An hour later, we were both dressed up and I was almost at the door when he suddenly found his voice and asked what that was all about, I took my time to narrate the story from the first day he entered into the lecture hall. Apparently he had the same feeling but was trying to thread with caution.

The affair continued secretly till I graduated. It’s been three years since I left the university, got a job, got engaged and getting ready to get married to my supposedly husband. I never regretted my decision to get what I wanted from my lecturer.

I was only following my heart but know the difference between love and obsession. It was much later I realized that I wasn’t really in love with my lecturer rather I was obsessed with him. You might contribute years of your life into someone else’s, only to realize at long last that it was all just an infatuation.

How I Seduced My Lecturer Lagos contributor, Chinenye Obidigbo writes about Lagos life, love and romance issues




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