Best male and female dwarf names for your D&D characters

Best male and female dwarf names for your D&D characters

Most people are not familiar with dwarfs and have only encountered them in the fairytale film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Through the film, people learn one or two things about their lives. However, one aspect that remains a mystery amongst most people is how to come up with special dwarf names. They are pretty unique, and individuals often want to know how they acquire their monikers.

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Not only will dwarves leave you fascinated by their impeccable talents and skills, but also due to their unique monikers. In addition to the outstanding dwarf last names used to refer to these individuals, they also have specific Dark Iron dwarf names that will impress you

Dwarf names wowing facts

Before an individual assumes any D&D dwarf names, they must understand the weight carried by these titles. A dwarf name is issued to an individual by a clan elder, as per the rules of their traditions. A granted dwarven name has to be used and passed down through an individual’s generations.

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The title, or rather the term they are identified by, belongs to the clan, and not to the person as most people would assume. Any dwarf who misuses or shames this term of the clan is immediately stripped of the title. In addition to that, they are banned by the law to use any related term in its place. Therefore, if you are looking to get any individual dwarf names D&D, it is crucial to adhere to the rules that do not tarnish any of the adopted dwarf names DnD.

Dwarf clan names and kingdoms

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The dwarf kingdoms extend past the beautiful mountains where they mine gems, other valuable metals, and forge precious and unique items. They take pride in their artistry and do not take the subject of producing precious metals and valuable jewelry lightly. Besides the intriguing art, another aspect that attracts the attention of most people to a dwarf is their clans. The prime unit of any society of a dwarf is the clan. Dwarves are known for their valuable social standing. They are quite respectful of their societal rules.

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Even those who live away from their kingdoms value the affiliations and identities of their clan. They are also aware of their relatives. Similarly, they participate in activities of the clan such as invoking the monikers of their ancestors in curses and oaths. Therefore, being part of a tribe is one thing that a dwarf appreciates. If one is clanless, they are viewed as individuals with the worst fate. There are numerous dwarven clan names such as:

  • Loderr
  • Balderk
  • Lutgehr,
  • Strakeln,
  • Battlehammer
  • Torunn
  • Brawnanvil
  • Ungart
  • Dankil
  • Holderhek
  • Fireforge
  • Rumnaheim
  • Frostbeard
  • Gorunn
  • Ironfist

Male dwarven names

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Although they are seen as short people, dwarves tend to do certain activities that can even surpass what an average-sized man or woman can do. They are so strong and are as enduring as the mountains they appear to adore. They are also very respectful of their traditions, the rules of their clans, and their origins. Thus, these people never abandon or take traditions lightly. Among the cultures that attract most people are their solid devotion to their gods, their diligent labor, and impeccable skills in battle.

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These aspects have made most people desire to have a dwarven name for their Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) characters. Below are DnD dwarf names that a male can adopt.

  • Anin
  • Anspori
  • Anvari
  • Ari
  • Aurar
  • Austi
  • Avaldur
  • Baerdal
  • Bankom
  • Rannyl
  • Geriggs
  • Bergrum
  • Torkam
  • Bankyl
  • Krummiir
  • Armnum
  • Grilrim
  • Gernus
  • Ebdren
  • Thermand
  • Gertharn
  • Galkuhm
  • Thodrom
  • Horbek
  • Thykom
  • Bhalram
  • Brombek
  • Daltharn
  • Melmor
  • Grilgrim
  • Ermnar
  • Thurrig
  • Daldren
  • Khardahr
  • Ebmek
  • Bhalmus
  • Belman
  • Morgus

Female dwarf names

female dwarf names
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One aspect that is used to evaluate the strength of any dwarf character is their moniker. It, therefore, goes to mean that the moniker of any dwarf is very significant. One must consequently spend some quality time when they are picking out their dwarven titles. Are you looking for the perfect dwarf female names to portray your strength? Or maybe one that can reflect your character? Here is a list of some of the fiercest and attractive female tags that you may like.

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  • Amber
  • Arrin
  • Asta
  • Ata
  • Tyshdish
  • Belnura
  • Ingres
  • Arros
  • Bralsyl
  • Brulmyl
  • Bryllelen
  • Kathdora
  • Myrnis
  • Kathria
  • Misnyss
  • Artin
  • Audhild
  • Baerbera
  • Naswin
  • Brylnis
  • Brylledish
  • Marniss
  • Bretnora
  • Brallyl
  • Ingtyn
  • Byllevian
  • Lyesthel
  • Brillewin
  • Gemnan
  • Maerria
  • Brylniss
  • Reynres
  • Gwynnan
  • Bardyl
  • Brallerin
  • Dagnal
  • Eldeth
  • Finellen
  • Gurdis
  • Helja
  • Hlin
  • IIde
  • Kathra
  • Liftrasa
  • Riswynn
  • Sannl
  • Torbera
  • Torgga
  • Vistra

Dwarf city names

dwarven city names
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We have seen magical cities being homes to these creatures. Probably, some of us have even wished to know a few dwarven city names. Below is a list of some of the magical city tags of these individuals.

  • Bagh Doral
  • Gogh Gurum
  • Khog Dural
  • Ner Wuhrum
  • Neghfarum
  • Nogrod
  • Doldaral
  • Nol Uluhm
  • Tharbaduhr
  • Thug Taruhm
  • Thomwihr
  • Mughlodihr
  • Burdural
  • Gurngarum
  • Khulwihr
  • Thardarihm
  • Kugturum
  • Theghtorm
  • Thol Todir
  • Khumeldur
  • Mag Todir
  • Glittering Caves
  • Vughboldir
  • Khirrigh
  • Khurdarul
  • Gurngrun
  • Varnalduhr
  • Gil Olihm
  • Nirtirm
  • Gurnfaruhm
  • Dhor Gurum
  • Hor Kuldir

Dwarven stronghold names

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Here is a list of the best of this kind:

  • Munbal
  • Drurak
  • Herarr
  • Dalmalk
  • Hertek
  • Storhak
  • Harmalk
  • Bketgarovhig
  • Runlode
  • Thin
  • Runlek
  • Gorbek
  • Farack
  • Bilgak
  • Ketfik
  • Gilfararr
  • Norrak
  • Durdalchaldormek
  • Dalthingimgroarr
  • Thormorstorchalgak
  • Calbulbofgrodal
  • Farbuleft
  • Nordalthineft
  • Thorthrha
  • Bketgarovhig
  • Thrgridukr

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There are multiple male and female dwarf names that an individual can adopt. Examples of such female tags include Arros, Bretnora, Amber, among others. On the other hand, the male ones range from Bergrum, Anin, Aurar, Ari, to Gertharn.


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