Crime News: Nigerian Couple Arrested For Holding a Man in Slavery

Crime News: Nigerian Couple Arrested For Holding a Man in Slavery

A Nigerian couple of senior officials in Britain’s health sector are charged with holding a man captive for 25 years.

A couple of Dr Emmanuel Edet, aged 59 and his wife, Antan, aged 56, both being Senior officials in health sector of Britain have been recently charged with human trafficing and slavery for holding a 38-year old man, Ofonime Edet, captive for 25 years.  

Ofonime contacted the police to report the situation after he found out about some women being released after being held captive as Maoist slaves. This encouraged him to report his case hoping for his freedom. 

According to Ofonime, he was trafficked by the Edet couple to UK when he was thirteen, 1989. He was then promised a chance to get education and earn a living after the death of his father. When they arrived to UK, Ofonime was forced to work for free for up to 17 hours a day. He was scared to contact the police being afraid he would be deported and he had no money to pay for anything.

When neighbors of the Edet couple were contacted, they reported that they had no idea of the situation. The neighbors assumed he was their grown son, who stayed at home all the time. 

Emmanuel Edet is a well-respected gynaecologist, who wrote a number of articles on child welfare and his wife has worked as a senior ward manager at the Ealing hospital in Britain. They have 2 sons of their own, and the police is right now trying to contact them to continue the investigation. 

Ofonime was left home alone when the Edets went to Nigeria for Christmas holidays. He was still monitored by a CCTV camera, but grabbed the chance and went to the police.

The Edets deny all charges. If proven to be guilty, the Edets couple are facing 14 years imprisonment. 


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