Beyonce Paid Visit Surprise To Girls Singing Her Song In Karaoke

Beyonce Paid Visit Surprise To Girls Singing Her Song In Karaoke

A group of partying girls were stunned when Beyoncé gate-crashed their private booth while they were singing HER song in a near-empty karaoke bar.

Incredibly the girls didn’t recognize her - or Destiny’s Child band mate Kelly Rowland - but continued to sing and dance with them anyway.

The pop megastars even photobombed one of the girls who had passed out after enjoying a "five-hour drinking and singing session" in low-key Sing Song, Miami.

The group arrived at the joint in three black SUVs around midnight on Tuesday with an entourage of 10 people.

Karaoke boss Kellie Pilicer said: “A big security-looking guy walked in and asked us what time we closed. I’m thinking he’s going to come in with a couple of other people.

“Then one woman comes up and asks me where the bathroom is and I look up and it’s freaking Beyoncé.”

Pilicer reassured the Single Ladies hitmaker she wouldn’t be disturbed by other revellers with just TWO of the 17 karaoke rooms being occupied when the group arrived to the South Beach venue.

But Queen B wasn’t bothered and instead of hiding out to chill with her friends she insisted on joining another party.

When she stumbled across a hired booth, she “walked right in” to hear them singing Party, a hit from her previous album ‘4’.

“There’s no way we could have planned it, no one had any idea,” said Pilicer.

“They didn’t immediately recognise who either of them were. They started dancing together but still had no idea who it is. All of a sudden one of the girls looks at Kelly and says.

“Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland” and then looks at Beyoncé and goes “Oh my god!”

In a moment of utter brilliance, Kelly and Beyoncé then photobomb the sleeping friend and don’t even wake her – which will go down in history of the biggest fail in her entire life.


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