Obasanjo Like Plate Has Washed His Hands - Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi

Obasanjo Like Plate Has Washed His Hands - Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Gumi

An outspoken Kaduna-based Islamic preacher, Dr. Ahmad Abubakar Mahmud Gumi who leads the Nigerian Muslim Shura Assembly (NIMSA) took to his facebook page to share his opinion about the Letter Obasanjo wrote to President Jonathan blasting him.

What really matters most in life is today not yesterday nor tomorrow. For today, OBJ has done his best to admonish and warn the nation. I salute his courage and reverse! How many of our leaders can say what he said?

He said:

“Let me repeat that as far as the issue of corruption, security and oil stealing is concerned, it is only apt to say that when the guard becomes the thief, nothing is safe, secure or protected in the house."

And also:

“Allegation of keeping over 1000 people on political watch list rather than criminal or security watch list and training snipers and other armed personnel secretly and clandestinely acquiring weapons to match for political purposes like Abacha and training them where Abacha trained his own killers, if it is true, it cannot augur well for the initiator, the government and the people of Nigeria.”

An on-line commentator wrote:

“ Okah admitted that Jonathan masterminded the bombing in Abuja for political ends. Why should it be far fetched that Jonathan plans to use snipers to murder democracy. The amazing thing is Obama and the EU are aware of this plan and have kept quiet. We are on our own. To stop the looming bloodshed which Nigerians are likely to witness, GEJ must be impeached now. Is it normal for someone going into elections to behave the way GEJ is behaving? GEJ has told anyone won cares to listen that he does not care. Would someone like that normally win an election? National Assembly needs to be brave and impeach this armed robber now.” Taken from premiumtimesng.

On Tuesday 14 August, 2012, at about 3.30pm two men attempting to plant an IED on my way to the mosque accidentally went off with them killing both. The two bodies were whisked away by the army preventing even the BBC and VOA Hausa reporters from filming the bodies. To date the bodies are hidden and the culprits are not identified publicly.

Do you agree with him?

Source: Legit.ng

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