What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

Have you ever thought of Lagos will look like in the future? According to Population Reference Bureau, Nigeria’s population is expected to rise from the 2015 figure of 182 million to 397 million in 2050. This projection means that Nigeria is expected to move from the 7 most populous nation to the 4 most populous. Although Lagos is the smallest state in terms of land mass, it already has a population of over 17.9 million citizens living in the city.

Here are 5 things that may likely happen in Lagos in 2050.


1. Population

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

With the projected population boom, the number of people in Lagos coupled with the everyday immigration is expected to rise up to 36 million. The slums in Lagos would most likely be affected with a lot of people cramped in small spaces. Inadvertently, the problem of traffic might increase too but fortunately, a lot is being done to improve other forms of transportation.

In other to provide more space for the growing population, experts advise that the city should take advantage of its waters like the Eko Atlantic project. The Makoko floating school should also be a model so as to reduce population density. One thing that is, however, certain is that the population would grow massively.

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2. Education

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

Lagos has less than 15 higher institutions and that is less than the schools can cater for considering the high number of people who will be in the city by 2050. What this means that if more institutions are not available, the few school will either be admitting more students than they can cater for or few people will have the opportunity to school in Lagos. Either way, the result does not look good.

3. Employment

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

The more than double population growth in Lagos might have an adverse effect on the citizens. Securing and creating jobs might be difficult. A better business environment will be favourable and a better investment opportunity might alleviate the problem of employment. Lagos is seen as a land of opportunities but these opportunities may become scarce and limited when the population in 2050 surpasses the opportunities available.

4. Health

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

With the densely populated environment and the projection of 2050, Lagos might be sitting in a precariously dangerous cliff in terms of health and disease control. The city was able to manage the outbreak of Ebola quickly which is a good thing. However, the country cannot boast of world-class health care service and many people still travel out of the country for health issues. A lot of people living in a small location can be a breeding ground for contagious disease.

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5. Food

What Will Lagos Look Like In 2050?

Lagos is not a farming city and this is not a good sign for 2050. Food availability and distribution might be a problem. The availability of money without food to purchase might occur. The little available food will be very expensive which something to be wary of is. Food is the life blood of making every other thing work and with more people and little food, 2050 looks bleak.

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